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This is my attempt to run a solo campaign with just me, myself and I. My purpose is mainly to learn the 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules and using it as a framework for storytelling and world building. So far I’ve run the adventure from the starter kit with 4 characters and I’m running a second solo adventure I’m mostly creating on the fly with another 3 characters and I’m having a blast so far.

For world building I’ve mainly just got a town and of course the Kobold halls from the starter kit adventure. I was originally going to try and build the world ahead of time but I think it will be more fun to build as I go. I think it will form more organically as well and build more of an attachment to locations that might otherwise just exist as dots on a map.

Just Finished the Harkenwold series from the dungeon masters guide and it was pretty entertaining. I definitely enjoy the dungeon adventurers the best, but this one was okay. I was kind of planning after the Kobold halls to do a “defend the town” from attack type adventure so this fit the bill nicely. One of the characters died and sadly could not be ressurected but the group met a new companion in the town to bring with them now for the Monster manual adventure which will be my last pre-generated adventurer I run I think before I start trying to create random adventures with the help of the Mythic system to run it.

After finishing the Winter King adventure, I’ve stranded the adventurer’s on the mountain. At this point I’m kind of making things up as I go, using the Mythic Fate charts when I’m unsure of what happens next. So far it’s been pretty fun. I’m still kind of feeling my way around encounters, trying to find a balance of what is challenging to the characters but not too easy or too hard. So far, my characters are kind of breezing through things. The last encounter against the “Judge” was the biggest challenge yet I think so that’s giving me some ideas on what it’s going to take to really challenge this group.

Home Page

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