Trial of the Seven

Day 1
Where it all began...

Started campaign with 4 characters using Red Box Essentials.

Characters were Carra, Dwyn, Krrr, and Breya.

Today introduced 3 new characters..

Brogg, a Human fighter with his companion
Eenn, a Hybrid Mage/ Cleric
And Keena, a Half Elf Ranger

Brogg and Eenn responded to noises they heard of the road they were traveling on, and went to investigate. They were immediately set upon by a crazed cultist, Pung and his minions. At first things weren’t looking good. But out of the blue Keena showed up and immediately put one through Pung’s chest. Furthermore, the hole that Pung’s wagon was stuck in was actually an Ant Hive. Ants began swarming out of the pit right where Pung was and began attacking him. Things went down quickly for Pung then, especially once the wagon sunk in the hole and the small glass box Pung was carrying broke and released a black gaseous creature who immediately attacked and killed Pung. The heroes easily dispatched the creature shortly after.

Exploring the Hive

After watching the wagon and horse collapse into the hive the adventurers drop down into the hole and decide to explore the hive further…

After following the north most winding passage the adventurers finally entered a large dug out chamber with two soldier ants guaring the rest of the next. Both soldiers immediately went at the leader adventurer which happened to be Brogg. The first ant’s mandibles cut through Brogg’s plate armor like it wasn’t even there. As he struggled to free himself from the ants jaws the 2nd soldier ant came up behind and immobilized him within IT’S jaws as well. Brogg was in trouble.

Luckily with the two soldier’s attention on the struggling Night, Eenn and Keesha were able to harass them at will. Eenn’s Lance of Faith cut struck deep into the 2nd soldier while Keena ran to the other side of the room and let loose her skirmisher shot deep into the 2nd soldier’s hindquarters. The soldier immediately released Brogg and when straight for Keena, wrapping her up in it’s mandibles and digging it’s sticker deep in her side. Keen screamed out in pain as she dropper her bow and stabbed at the soldier with her longsword. The sword went straight threw the soldier’s head and it dropped to the ground thrashing, dragging Keena along with it.

Meanwhile, Brogg pounded at the first soldier with his war hammer as the soldier tried desperately to find a weak spot in Brogg’s armor to insert it’s hind stinger, dripping with acid. One more Lance of Faith from Eenn and the soldier ant dropped to the ground dead.
Nearby they found a skeleton and a decaying bag from which gold was starting to pour out. In all they were able to scrouge up 30 of the gold coins to pocket.

After a short rest the party moved out of the first room into the Northeast passage and almost immediately were set upon a group of Hive workers led by a Hive warrior. The hive Warrior charged and ripped into Brogg’s armor with it’s piercing bite. Brogg screamed out in pain as one of the workers surged forward and latched onto his leg. He brought his hammer crashing down on the warrior and denting it’s Chitinous shell. Safely behind Brogg in the passage Keena and Eenn were able to make short work of the hive workers from a distance as Brogg held his ground and drove the Hive warrior deep into the earth with his overwhelming hammer blasts!

Exiting from the east they didn’t travel far before they encountered a lone soldier ant. The odds were on their side and they quickly dispatched the hive soldier without barely taking a scratch.

Heading Northeast from one of the exits the adventurer’s ran into a dead end. The room was small, no more than 60sq feet. In the middle was a large pile of refuse, from behind, which, scurried more hive ants – a warrior, soldier and worker. The warrior reached Brogg first and with a vicious bite tour through his plate armor. Brogg returned the favor with a swing of his warhammer at the head of the beast. The warrior filled the narrow passageway, preventing the other ants from reaching Brogg. The battle continued back and forth between the ants, scrambing over it’s dead companions one at a time until they were no more. Keena dug through the refuse discovering 600sp, a small ivory statue of a beautiful woman, and a rod in pristine condition. Eenn grabbed the rod from Keena’s hand grinning. “I can’t WAIT to use this one!”

As there were no exits leaving this room the adventurer’s backtracked to the initial cave in room and left via the south exit. The passage curved back upon itself and opened up into a huge chamber. A terrifying screech drew the adventurer’s attention towards the back of the chamber where they saw a grotesque bloated ant creature. With it’s screech, 2 worker ants turned on the party and rushed towards Brogg. Before they reached him Keena put them in the ground with two well placed arrows. Brogg charged the bloated queen and ran straight through her putrid aura to smash his warhammer through her bulbous body. The warhammer bounced away to Brogg’s suprise and the queen turned her jaws on the warrior nearly swallowing him in her huge mandibles. Keena shot an arrow followed by Eenn’s Lance of faith and both struck the queen who scurried backwards dropping Brog. Keena and Eenn ran forward as the queen let out another scream. Four more workers scurried from the walls towards the adventurers. Eenn cast his Moment of Glory and knocked them all back while Keena and Brog sprang forward towards the queen. She spit a noxious green cloud that sorrounded Keen and Brogg and began eating away at their armor and skin. Brogg let out a cry of pain and dropped to the ground unconcious. Eenn cast his Holy word to bring Brogg back from the edge of death and then hurled a Lance of Faith at one of the queen’s minions, turning it into dusk where it was stuggling to stand. Keena let loose two arrows in quick sucession to knock down two more of the queen’s workers while the last worker charged forward and attacked Brogg while the queen used her pincers to carve through his armor yet again. Brogg went down again and this time would not be getting back up. Eenn lashed out with another lance of Faith and took down the last of the workers while Keena took careful aim at the queen and struck her between her multi-faceted eyes. The queen reeled backwards, screeching and rolling over and over until it finally remained on it’s back… it’s legs twitching slightly in the air. Eenn immediately ran to Brogg who, after some bandaging was able to limp to conciousness. Among the debris in the chamber the adventurers were able to find a gleaming longsword which Brogg strapped into his belt with a grin…

Reavers of Harkenwood

Continuing on with my learning of the 4e system, I’ve moved on with my adventure using the Dungeoon Master’s Kit adventure – Reavers of Harkenwood. It meshes perfectly with my 2 seperate adventuring groups as the group led by Brogg is coming down the path from the north, and my original Group is heading East from Fallcrest. As luck would have it they’ve met where the two roads crossed and decided to continue on together (strength in numbers after all) as they head towards Albridge. But before they make it there they start they hit the first encounter of this new adventure – Ilyana’s flight. Ilyana and her sons are hold up on their farm house with the brigands of the iron circle with their wolf pets taunt them from outside. They already burned one of the outerhouses which is what got the adventurer’s attention to investigate…

Additonal Notes: I debated for a while weather to use the names of places used in the Dungeon Master’s Kit or modify it to something of my own creation. In the end I decided that since I didn’t really have anything else built out there was really no reason not to use the locations and maps as shown in this adventure. I can quite easily incorporate this into my larger world so to save myself some work I’ve decided to use the material as is.

Ilyana's Plight

As the adventurer’s approach the source of the smoke they discover the brigans sorrounding the farm house. The brigands, thinking they could scare off the relatively inexperienced heroes sauntered into the battle with a brawny swagger. In the end none remained with their heads. After Kyrr put half the group to sleep the rest of the group quickly mopped up the rest of the brigand group in short order. After they freed Ilyana and her sons they told the adventurers about the Iron Circle and suggested they either see the druid Reithann in the druid’s grove or the Dar Gremeth residing in the village of Albridge. The adventurer’s decide to continue with their original plan and head towards Albridge and locate this Dar character to find out what’s really going on…

NOTE: Considering this adventure was made to accomodate an adventure party of five I compensated by adding an additional brigand to this encounter. Even with the additional brigand the encounter was quite easy. It helped that I used a lot of my daily powers right at the beginning of the encounter and I scored a string of top rolls, including 2 criticals, all in the first round. Also, assuming I’m playing my rogue correctly, I have to say… they’re pretty awesome! Especially with the sneak attack once per turn…

Tavern Brawl

The adventurer’s met with Dar Gremath at Ilyana’s suggestion. He told them about the Iron Circle led by Nazin Redthorn. He suggests that the best course of action would be to draw Redthorn out of his keep and the best way of doing that is harassing his operations in the area. The adventurer’s agree and decide to start by heading to the local tavern where, word had it, some of the Ircn Circle brigands were currently resting their heals with drinks. Upon entering the Mallard Inn one of the Brigand’s looks up from his drink and stands up and greets the adventurer’s. “Who do you think you are. No one is allowed to carry arms besides us here in this village. Drop those weapons immediately!”

Carra, with a sideways glance at Brogg and a grin retorted, “That’s not going to happen.”

The other patrons in the bar scooted back from their tables as a number of armored opponents joined the one brigand who now had an evil sneer on his face. “Have it your way. Attack!”

Before he even finished his sentence, Kyrr cast a cloud of dust in his direction. The brigand shook his head as if he were dazed and charged forward groggily towards the group. Meanwhile Carra had drawn her Axe and with a two-handed downward smash cleaved the nearest rabble clean in half. Breya, squeezed forward and took down another with a flashing strike of her weapon and as her foe went down beams of light shown out from her mace and seemed to revitalize her allies. Dwynn snuck forward behind the Brigand who had spoken up earlier and sunk his short sword hilt deep into his back. With a suprised grunt, his enemy spun around grabbing for the source of his demise in his back before dropping to the ground twitching. Out of the corner of her eye Carra caught sight of Keena slipping into the tavern, leaping over tables as she let loose an arrow. The arror flew straight and true, catching the other brigand through the throat and he dropped with a gurgle, clutching as his throat.

Before the other rabble could respond, one was struck forcefully from one of Kyrr’s Magic Missle flashing out from his raised staff, and the other was flattened with a strike of Breya’s flailing mace.

Eenn silently smiles from the doorway at the rest of the adventurer’s as they all let out sighs of relief. Eenn’s smile quickly turns to horror as he is caught from behind with a sword strike from a lurking cuthroat. He stumbles away from the attack as Keena springs to action running across the tavern floor looking for the new combatant. She spots the cuthroat threw the doorway and unleashes an arror. The arrow flies wide and stick into the wall of the tavern. Kyrr, moves into position and a bolt of white lights shoots out of his staff and unerringly strikes it’s target. From behind the first cutthroat sprang a second who tried a quick feint on Brogg before swooping in. Brogg did not fall for the feint but a quick slash of the brigand’s blade cut deep through a weekspot in his armor and he stumbled against the table behind him. Before he can recover the first cuthroat rushes in behind his partner and stabs deep into the weak spot under his shoulder. Brogg grunts in pain as blood gushes from his wounds.

Breaya quickly chants out words of healing and Brogg seems to immediately regain his composure, while Breta follows up with a smash of her mace and knocks the wind out of the closest cuthroat with the sound of cracking ribs. Keens unleashes another arrow at the initial cuthroat and this time her arrow sinks deep into her enemies’ chest. Meanwhile, Carra and Dwynn have snuck out the back and are circling the tavern to attempt a flanking move on their enemies.

A third cuthroat came rushing through the doorway and attempted a move on Brogg but he quickly dodged while striking with his lucksword at the closest rogue, slicing through it’s abdomen. The cuthroat immediately dropped and while the second cutthroat moved on Brogg Keena, with a twang of her bow, and Breya with her mace brought him down. Seven on 1 now…

Kyrr immediately strikes with a blast of his magic missle and hits his opponent square in his back. The last cutthroat, realizing he is heavily out manned attempts a feint and strikes at Brogg who is now blocking the door. His strike goes wide as Breya’s mace grazes his left arm. From seemingly thin air Dwynn suddenly re-appears and stabs deep with his short sword, bringing the last cuththroat to his knees. With a swift shot from Keen the battle was over…

The Ambush

Continuing with Dar’s suggestion of harassing Redthorn’s brigands to draw him out, he tells them of a guarded caravan he knows is leaving Albridge early that morning. The adventurer’s plan ahead and position themselves in an area where they plan to ambush the caravan when it comes by.

As soon as it enters the “ambush zone” Kyrr springs from concealment and casts his burning hands spell crisping every one of the minions surrounding the wagon. The brigands immediately strike back at Kyrr, wounding him badly, but Eenn jumps to his defense mumbling a word of healing as he cast his Lance of Faith at the nearest Brigand. Carra jumps in and with the reach of her great axe is able to cut deeply into the leg of the adept on the wagon. The adept strikes back with fiery tendrils eminating from it’s gesturing hands which hit both Carra and Breya hard.

Kyrr fires back with his Freezing blast, killing the driver and hurting the adept badly who slips towards the back of the wagon. While he is off Balance, Carra brings her axe down and finishes him off. The rest of the gang team up on another brigand and now it’s 7 vs 4!

Carra now turns her attention to the Iron Guardian. She takes a swing at it’s bony head but it ducks and attempts to move away. But Carra quickly recovers and reverses her stroke at the same time Breya hammers are the moving hommunculus with her mace, bringing it down with a shudder.

Meanwhile Bronn turns around on the Brigand who had attacked him earlier, slashing at it with his lucksword and wounding it gravely. Dwynn dashes in and finishes him off. Not long after the group finishes off the rest of the brigands and search the wagon. They find a lockbox which Dwynn easily picks open with his tools. Inside the box the adventurers find 240 gold coins, a potion of healing and a holy symbol (of Life + 1)… not to mention a shiny new wagon and horse. :D

Toadwallow Caverns

After mopping up the Redthorn Brigands, Dar recommends going to see the druid Reithann in the druid grove to the north. After speaking with the druid, the adventurers travel west to the caverns where a tribe of Bullywugs had settled. After scrambling up the steap ledge to enter into the cavern and clearing out the Bullywug’s guarding the entrance there, the heroes travelled deeper where they found, and dispatched the chieftan and his minions, including his two pet gray oozes! Upon leaving the caverns they encountered a returning Bullywug champion who had captured a young hafling. They crawled up into the cavern where the adventurers were lying in wait and the groups clashed in a bloody battle that finally ended with a chase where two giant frogs, who had swallowed Kyrr and Dwynn, were heading towards the river to escape with their prey. Luckily Keena with a well placed arrow and Brogg with a swing of his luckblade vanquished the giant frogs and saved their companions. They returned to find the trembling hafling still in tied in his ropes and offered to return him to his tribe. Shortly after leaving, dark clouds began to roll in followed by a light rain which the adventurer’s trudged through, heads down, none of them saying a word.


Redthorn has finally had enough of the adventurer’s meddling and has sent out raiding parties to hunt them down and deal with them…

The adventurer’s have left the hamelet of Dardun after speaking with the elder there who suggested they speak with the Woodsinger elves to the south to see if they could enlist there help against Redthorn and his brigands. The adventurer’s decide to circle around Harken now that Redthorn is aware of their presence. The rain has picked up and the mud is splattered all adventurer’s drenched capes. Suddenly, ahead of them they hear a snort and out of the fog materiallizes a brigand holding a lantern riding a large red drake. The drake roars, and 3 more humans materalize from behind trees. One, a woman in a red cloak, points at the adventurer’s and with an evil sneer shouts – “That’s them. Attack!”


After defeating the brigands sent out by Redthorn the adventurer’s rested the night in Albridge to wait out the bad weather and then the next morning set out to seek the assistance of the elves in their defense of the land. After a day’s travel they met with Eriyel, the leader of the elves, who offered to help them IF they first helped rid their forest of an evil presence. After further questioning she revealed that an evil undead Wizard, Yisarn, had settled in a sanctuary beneath the ruined city of Dal Nystiere to the west. If the adventurers could rid them of this evil presence she promised to reward them with the assistance of the elves against Redthorn. The adventurer’s agreed to help out and spent the night with the Woodsingers. They set out early the next morning, and after almost reaching the ruins they encountered a wagon full of goblins. As the approached the wagon to attack, they were ambused by tree spiders dropping down on them from their flanks. After a difficult battle, they finally overcame the goblins and spiders and arrived at the stones where the sanctuary proported to lie beneath. Using the vial of dragon’s blood that Eriyel provided them, they were teleported to a labratory chamber where they were immediately greated by Yisarn’s goblin minions…

Wizard's Workshop

After the adventurer’s teleport into the wizard’s workshop and get their bearings they immediately spring to action. Dwyn scurries around Carra and suprises on of the Goblin toadies with a well placed stab of his short sword. Kyrr, appearing in the other circle, casts his burning hands spell which manages to immediately fry another 2 toadies and wound their leader, a goblin named Snilvor. One of the goblin archers standing on the steps immediately reacts and manages to wound Keena with a well placed shot. The battle raged on, with one of the remaining minions finally slipping free and letting out one of the bloodseeker drakes. One of the archers flanked to the other side to release the other drake. Eenn very nearly dropped during the battle but between his healing word and Breya’s he was able to remain standing. The emissary went down shortly there after and then the adventurer’s focused on the now freed drakes before finally finishing off the archers.

Kyrr went to check out the table with the tome and scrolls atop it. He gathered the implements quickly as he felt a dark force sapping is strength while he remained on the loft (had him subtract 2 healing surges to account for that).

Carra was able to locate a key on the dead emissary which the found unlocked the double doors on the other side of the room.


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