Trial of the Seven

Cave Lurker

From out of the water in front of them the characters see a flurry of tentacles shooting out towards them. One manages to grab Sir Wil, and another Dwyn, while Baradryn’s wolf companion and Carra manage to dodge out of the way.

Baradryn jumps to the defense of his companion and summons his wolf to assist him. Both wade into the shallows of the lake and draw blood from the slimy creature.

One of the colony swarms near the Sovereign steps up and hurls it’s devouring spores at the nearest enemy it can see, which happens to be Sir Wil. Luckily he was able to resist the poisonous spores effect.

Keena lays her quarry on the Belubba and takes careful aim and lets loose an arrow from her for-seeking longbow. HIT! It sinks deep into the creature’s skin, blood spurting from it’s open wound (it’s bloody!).

Baradryn’s wolf attempts to chomp down again on a flailing tentacle but it squirms away.

Asha uses her icy rays spell on the Belubba but misses.

Karlak, roaring in fury, charges at the menacing guard myconoid near Sir Wil. He slams his great Axe into the guard and follows with a Thunderous roar. Three floating spores near the myconoids pop sending forth a green gas, poisoning the great Minotaur and healing it’s allies.

The other colony swarm steps up and casts out it’s spores at Karlak, but like Sir Wil before him he shakes off it’s effects.

Brogg, seeing that the ranged strikers have things well in hand with the creature in the water, charges up to aid Karlak and with a hard slam of his flaming hammer smashes the Myconoid on it’s head.

A Myconoid Rotslammer shambles up from behind the guard and open’s it’s mouth to let forth a cloud of dark green gas. Brogg and Sir manage to close their eyes and mouths in time but Karlak was caught unprepared and breathes in the poisonous gas from the creature, coughing violently and feeling ill.

The guard standing near the Rotslammer follows up with a gas attack of it’s own, pacifying both Brogg and Karlak.

Carra now charges up and attacks the Rotslamer with a swing of her greatsword. And just manages to pierce it’s flesh stalk with a hit.

Sir Wil manages to break free of the Beluba’s grasp and move up alongside Karlak in the shallow water to attack the Myconoid guard, but misses. He is able to also use his daily, restore Vitality, on Karlak and he manages to save out of his poison and heal somewhat.

Another rot slammer moves up and uses it’s rotting burst on Sir Wil, Karlak and Brogg. And manages to poison Sir Wil and re-poison Karlak again. Sir Wil is bloodied.

Dwyn now easily squirms out of the grasp of the tentacle grabbing him and he quickly whips out his sling and fires a shot at the creature and hit is square on the mouth. It roars in fury!

It now lashes back out with two tentacles, grabbing at Dwyn and Asha and wrapping it’s strong apprendages around both.

Baradryn now strikes out with her Tending Strike at the creature, and hits, wounding the creature and granting a small boon to Dwyn.

The colony swarm now takes a shot at Sir Wil, wounding him gravely and also affecting both Karlak and Baradryn’s wolf nearby.

Keena meanwhile lets loose another aimed shot at her quarry and hits bringing it to within an inch of it’s life.

Baradryn’s wolf companion follows up with an attack and crits! Killing the Belubba and freeing his trapped companions.

Asha now attempts to attack with her Force orb encounter power and hits one of the Myconoid guards. Other nearby enemies also are struck by the scattering force as the force orb shatters on contact.

One of the rotslammers moves up now to Sir wil and uses it’s rotting burst power to hit Sir Wil.

Karlak, still coughing from the poison in his veins, shifts back a space to try and recover.

One of the colony swarms shoots it’s devouring spours and hits Brogg square in the face with it, the cloud also spreads to hit Carra and Karlak.
Brogg, unable to take a standard action because he’s pacified, uses his encounter power, glowering threat to keep all the targets on him.

The first Rotslammer tries to do just that and attack Brogg, but misses.

The closest guard also tries to hit Brogg with it’s spiny arms and does, bloodieing him.

Carra now shouts forth an inspiring word as she see’s Brogg faltering and then attacks the Rotslammer. In front of her, bloodieing it in one blow.

Meanwhile, Sir wil drops in the shallow water he stands as the poison finds it’s way to his heart.

One of the other Rotslammers now attempts to move up and attack Brogg but misses with its slam attack.

Dwyn now uses his Fleeting strike to try and hide in the shadows and attack from stealth. The Rotslammer is not fooled but still takes a sling stone hard to it’s head.

Bardryn moves up and casts his healing word on Sir Wil to bring him back into the fight and then attacks the rotslammer nearby with his Life blood harvest daily. CRIT! It is badly bloodied and Sir Wil is healed further.

One of the colony swarms fling it’s spores now at Brogg. And hits (for max dmg. :( ). Nearby Carra and Karlak also feel the effects of the spores.

Keena now fires her Thunderstruck Boarstrike shot at the closes Rotslammer across the lake, declaring the creature her new quarry. She hits with one of her shots but misses with the other.

Baradryn’s wolf companion moves back now to protect those at range.

Asha now casts her Arc Lightning hitting the wounded Rotslammer and nearly dropping it. It’s clining to it’s life.

The other rotslammer, unable to reach Brogg attempts to attack the prone Sir Wil but misses.

Karlak strikes at the wounded Rotslammer now with his greatsword and chunks of mushroom fly everywhere. He now moves back into the fray.

The Colony swarm, seeing the minotaur moving back into the fray uses it’s devouring spores on him but misses.

Brogg now strikes out at the closest rotslammer and hits it hard, wounding it.

It fights back with it’s rotting burst cloud and poisons Karlak again. Karlak teeters but manages to stay up and then somehow manages to dodge a follow up strike by the nearby myconoid guard!

Carra follows up with a savage blow from her greatsword, wounding the Rotslammer (and the guard through it’s roots of the colony ability to share damage. I’ve been doing this now since I remembered.)

Sir Wil now gets back up and attacks the nearby rotslammer with his longsword. One of the spores behind the rotslammer pops, healing all the nearby myconoids and hurts Baradryn and Sir Wil with it’s poison.

Dwyn takes a shot with his sling at the injured rotslammer from hiding and injures it, but it shares it’s pain with the myconoid guard next to it.

Baradryn now uses his healing word on Karlak and then fires off a shot with his sling at the wounded rotslammer, hitting it and wounding it.

One of the colony swarms fires off it’s devouring spores and strikes Karlak, affecting all his allies nearby.

Keena meanwhile takes careful aim and her arrow finds it’s target, here quarry, wounding it but also popping the spore that recently moved up behind him which again bursts to do poison damage and heal nearby allies, but all the companions manage to resist the effects.

Asha now again casts her arc lighting and wounds the nearest rotslammer.

It then attempts to slam Sir Wil but cannot penetrate his defenses.

Karlak now enters his Vengeful storm rage!!! He Crits the Rotslammer and misses the nearby guard who still drops when the rotslammer share’s it’s damage with the creature. Then the other Rotslammer gets hit and also shares it’s damage but with the spore! It bursts, healing nearby allies and wounding Karlak and Carra with it’s poison. Karlak spends an action point to use his 2nd wind.

The colony swarm, however, stay focuses on the large Barbarian and fires off it’s devouring spores, missing.

Brogg smashes down on the Rotslammer still clinging to life and with a heroic strike manages to hit it but it manages to cling to life by sharing it’s damage with the nearby guard.

Still alive it now attacks back with it’s fungal slam. It hits and Brogg is now suffering from poison coursing through his veins.

Carra strikes back in revenge and with a heroic effort finally brings the rotslammer down to the gound.
She moves up on the guard now.

Sir Wil attempts to strike at the Rotslammer near him but misses.

Dwyn then attempts to setup the rotslammer with a prepatory strike but also misses.

The Myconoid guard strikes at Carra who just moved closed to it but she easily dodges it’s pitiful slam attack.

Bardryn moves ahead of the wounded Minotaur and attacks the rotslammer with his tending strike and hits, and while it shares it’s damage with the nearby healthy guard, it bestowed a boon to Brogg.

Meanwhile, the colony swarmer, seeing a new enemy approaching fires off it’s spores at Baradryn and hits, wounding him and all those around him.

Now Keena aims carefully and fires again at the rotslammer. And hits, wounding it.

Baradryn’s wolf, seeing his master attacked, moves up to attack the guard and bites down into it’s mushroom flesh.

Asha follows up with an Arc lighting attack that hits both the rotslammer and crits the guard bloodieing it.

The rotslammer now turns it’s attentions to Baradryn and attacks. A miss!

Karlak, in his great rage, lightning flying from his raised greatsword lands a devastatin strike on the rotslammer, finally removing the rotslammer from the battle and is finally able to shake off the poison he’s been suffering from.

One of the colony swarmers lands it’s spores on Baradryn which burst and wound all 5 of his companions.

Brogg coughs, grabs his throat and drops.

Carra strikes now at the guard near her and cuts it clean and half, she advances on the colony swarm and the sovereign leader.

Sir Wil, gets up his nerve, gets his 2nd wind, and charges to assist Carra.

Dwyn moves up and knocks the nearest colony swarm with a shot from his sling.

The Sovereign, seeing it’s life in danger, puts out a cloud of spores which strike Sir Wil. It then moves further back into it’s alcove.

Baradryn casts his healing word to bring Brogg back and then moves up to assist the two warriors, and then CRITS the nearest colony swarmer with his tending strike, granting a boon to Sir Wil.

The colony swarmer’s poison aura hurts the 3 heroe’s near it and then it turns on Baradryn but misses with it’s slams.

Keena now runs up and launches her Skirmish attack on the nearest colony but the shot goes wide.

Baradryn’s wolf flanks the colony opposite her and attempts to eat the mushrooms but they move out of the way.

Asha meanwhile moves up and casts her arc lighting at the closest colony swarm and bloodies it.

Karlak charges and uses his Rage Strike on the colony swarm. It explodes, leaving a thick black caustic substances on the ground.

The other colony swarm strikes back at Karlak and he falls.

Brogg stands up, pulls out his crossbow and fires at the other colony swarm. CRIT!

Carra, standing in the caustic tar takes damage and then moves ahead to attack and slams her sword down on the swarm of mushrooms damaging many of them. She then uses her minor ressurgence ability.

Sir Wil starts the turn burning in the liquid, he moves ahead to try and manages to drag the unconcious minotaur out of the caustic goo and safe on the other side, spending his action point to do so (since he was dazed).

Dwyn fires off his sling with his deft strike on the colony swarm and hits.

The Sovereign uses it’s commanding spores to slid the colony towards it.

Baradryn moves back in and strikes the swarm with his tending strike and grants Sir Wil a boon.

Keena makes the swarm her quarry, takes careful aim and fires at the swarm. It explodes in another blast of tar like goo.

Baradryn’s wolf companion takes damage on it’s paws on dashes back towards safety.

Asha fires off her arc lightning and hits the Sovereign, but the nearby spore bursts and gives it new life. It also wounds Baradryn.

Karlak, unconcious, is burned by the new zone of acidic and then fails his death save.

Brogg takes a shot at the Sovereign with his crossbow but misses.

Carra charges ahead and strikes with her greatsword but misses.

Sir Wil manages to pull Karlak back out of the sticky substance and then manages to stabalize him.

Dwyn uses his Second Wind to heal up.

The Sovereign uses its Spore burst but neither Baradryn or Carra are affected.

Using her Dwarven resilience to get her second wind, Baradryn moves in to attack but misses.

Keena sets the Sovereign as her quarry and fires her careful attack. Hit!

Asha misses with her arc lightning attack.

Brogg uses his second wind to get some of his health back.

Carra makes up for her earlier miss with a CRIT on the Sovereign, bloodieing it.

Dwyn dashes in with an attempted Torturous strike on the Sovereign. (CRITICAL MISS!)

The Sovereign turns on Carra and slams her hard wounding her.
Baradryn misses with a Tending strike.

Meanwhile Keena Crits with her attack and nearly brings the Sovereign down.

Asha follows up the attack with her Arc Lightning and the Sovereign crumbles in a smoking mound.

After the caustic substance finally dissapates and everyone gets a short rest they explore the remained of the cavern. They find a skeleton of a dwarf near where the Sovereign was. On it they find…
320gp, a ring and bracelet worth 250gp each, and a belt of Sacrifice.

DM NOTES: This was one of the best encounters yet. Lots of diferent things going on. Good synergy with the creatures. The characters didn’t just breeze through it. It was a real challenge with characters going down a few times. The spores healing the allies, the AOE attacks of the enemies, the ranged attackers protected for a while to get off lots of attacks, and even at the end when they sacrificed themselves to create the zone with ongoing damage. All and all a satisfying encounter. The Belubba creature I created needs some work, but that was exepcted.

Deeper into the Caverns

After the battle, the group congratulated each other on their success and met their new friends.

“I thank you warrior!” Karlak said approaching Brogg, “I am in all of your debt.”

Brogg put out a hand to Karlak’s large Mitt and shook it. “Glad to have your help in that battle!”

“I would join you if you would have me”, Karlak continued, “I have a Debt to pay to that Varrus. Expecting me to fight in that filthy arena of his!” He spits on the ground as Asha approaches the group.

“You have my thanks as well, and I offer my services to you as long as you will have me.” She nodded nobly at Sir Wil.

Sir Wil returns the nod. “Well I think here is a good place to rest. Let us pile up the bodies at the entrance to discourage any from disturbing our rest.” The group follow’s Sir Wil’s lead and then hunker down by the fire to rest.

Carra turns to Karlak, “Do you know much about this area?”

Karlak responds in a deep voice, “I was brought her blindfolded so I do not know much. I believe I was brought in through the passage you came from so I know know what exists down that passage there, “ he says pointing to the exiting passage.

Dwyn hopped up, “Well I’ll have a look!” Before anyone could stop him the energetic halfling skipped out the passage and returned just moments later. “Well well,” he said as he came back to the fire, “Looks like it’s back to climbing.” He told the group of the large cavern just twenty feet down the passage, “It ends in a bit of a… drop?”

Carra raised an eyebrow, “A bit of a drop?”

Dwyn smiled, “Only forty feet or so.”

Carra sighed, “Then best we rest up before continuing.”

They slept in the cavern, each taking turns at a watch but not encountering any creatures during the night. After they all finished resting they geared up and headed towards the exiting passageway. As Dwyn had noted, the passage went less than twenty feet before dropping off into a large cavern. They could hear the sound of dripping water echoing through the cavern but could not see much beyond their current location. They were able to see the bottom of the cavern from their vantage point so they unslung their rope and dropped it over the edge. Hammering in some pitons on top they all winced at the loud sound echoing through the cavern. Hoping there was nothing waiting for them below they lowered themselves down the wall one at a time. The climbing was easy with the rope and in moments they had all arrived at the bottom of the drop.

They had a better view of the cavern now. In the center appeared a rather large lake rimmed by mossy earth. Directly in front of them, Sir Wil saw what, at first, he thought was a large mushroom growing up from the cavern floor. Suddenly it moved on it’s own towards Sir Wil menancingly shrieking in fury!

Cage Fighters

After saying their goodbyes to their fallen comrade, the party moves out of the room to the left passage just outside the room. The round a corner and enter a well lit cavern, illuminated by a large bonfire in the center of the cavern. Towards the back of the cavern are a number of cages, most of which are empty but two contain what appears to be a minotaur and some celestial being. Against the left and right wall of the cavern are two life-like orc statues, and surrounding the campfire is a large contingent of orcs. Almost directly in front of where the party enters from the cavern passage is what appears to be the orc chieftain, and standing beside him some sort of Orc Shaman. The chieftain who heard the party tramping down the passage immediately laughs and points at the party, “More challenger’s for the Pit! Take them alive!” The orcs attack.

Carra charges forth and with a powerful strike of her Great axe cuts deep into the orc shaman.

The orc Chieftan dashes over to the closest statue and pulls a medallion from around his neck and inserts it into the statue. With a turn the statue begins to shudder to life…
Spending his action point he starts to dash across to the other side of the cavern.

Carra hear’s a shout from behind her. “Stop him! He’s bringing the guardian’s to life! Free me and I shall rip him to pieces!” Turning her head she see’s the burning eyes of the Minotaur from behind his bars shaking the bars violently. Off to the right she sees the captured winged man nod in agreement. She turns back towards the group and shouts, “There are prisoner’s here who offer their aid. We must free them!” before turning back to her foe before her.

“Got it!” shouts back Dwyn, running past Brogg and Sir Wil towards the nearest cage. As he gets close he notices an orc standing nearby at the last moment and dodges to the right. Spending an action point he pulls out his thieves tools and attempts to undo the lock of the winged man. A click and the release of the spring lets him know he was sucessful and the lock falls off, freeing the winged man from his cage.

In a calm, female sounding voice the winged creature addresses Dwyn, “I am Asha, a high mage of the Deva. Bring me an implement and I shall lay waste to these, our enemies!” Over his shoulder Dwyn shouts to Sir Wil who he knows carries the staff of the fallen Kyrr, “Sir Knight. We need that mage staff pronto!”

One of the nearest Orc savages, charges forth to block the entrance of the heavily armored warriors. He swings at the Brogg who deflects the blow with his shield.

Brogg, in turn, swings wildly at the savage with his flaming warhammer and misses (Natural 1!)

One of the Orc Drudges, standing near the fire, slinks around to the hafling rogue and strikes with his club. Dwyn lets out a little yelp and turns to face his new enemy.

Seeing his friend in trouble, Baradryn sends forth her wolf to aid the rogue. As the wolf runs by the orc savage takes a swing with his axe and wounds the animal. The wolf charges on and strikes the drudge attacking the rogue from behind, ripping it’s throat out.

The Orc Darkblade, that Dwyn earlier dodged now strikes true with it’s dripping falchion, striking the rogue with a vicious slash of it’s poisoned blade.

The shaman now acts, turning on Carra and tries to push her back with a blow of it’s spear but cannot pierce her armor. It shifts back a space towards the campfire.

One of the orc savages charges to help block the shaman’s escape but he too cannot penetrate the plate armor of the warrior.

Keena now charges forward with her bow and uses her daily power – Split the Tree. She strikes the shaman and the Darkblade attacking her rogue friend and the arrows bury deep into orc flesh!

One of the orc savages, who had been lingering in the back of the cavern moves forward to attack Dwyn and hits!

Sir Wil now charges ahead with his longsword raised and attacks the Orc Savage on the Rogue and bloodies the creature. As a minor action he slips the staff between the bars to the outstretched hands of the deva and then spends an action point to use his daily power Restore Vitality which enables Dwyn to save out of his poison and then heal for the Paladin’s healing surge value.

Baradryn attempts to take revenge on the Orc Savage that hurt his pet with a strike of his tending strike, bringing the savage down and the moving into the room to take on more of the beasts!

One of the orc savages closes in on Baradryn’s wolf, but trips on the rock by the fire and nearly falls over on it’s way to reach it.

The last Orc savage attempts to come in on Dwyn from behind and comes down hard with a strike of his hand axe on the hapless hafling.

One of the remaining drudges attempts to strike the dwarf druid but misses.

The other drudge, however connects with a strike of it’s club.

The darkblade who had previously hidden in the exiting passage now sneaks forward and strikes at Baradryn with it’s poisoned falchion and hits!

Carra, in an attempt to make it to the shaman, strikes at the savage in front of her and brings it down with a crash of her bladed axe.

She moves in on the shaman and takes a strike from the nearby savage who can’t penetrate the warrior’s heavy plated armor.

The Chieftan then moves to the other statue and again inserts the medallion to activate the statue. He laughs, “You all dead now!”

The other statue now shudder’s to life and pulling a creaky bow from it’s shoulder takes aim at Carra but the shot goes wide.

Dwyn turns on the savage blocking the Deva’s cage and brings it down with a stab of his short sword.
He then shifts away from the Orc Darkblade behind him.

Brogg now charges into the cave and attacks the darkblade on Baradryn and with a heroic effort brings down the hammer to the back of the darkblade.

Baradryn’s wolf companion, seeing his master surrounded dashes away to engage one of the attacking orcs. A nearby savage takes a strike and misses as the wolf charges the drudge near it’s master and brings it down. Baradryn smiles at her wolf companion’s safe return to her.

The Orc darkblade near Dwyn sneaks forward to attack, bloodieing the hafling while healing it’s own wounds.

She shaman, also regenerates, and strikes again at Carra with it’s spear but again can’t penetrate her strong armor. She shifts away.

Asha, now freed from her cage and a staff in her hands, slams the staff down and sends forth a thunderwave at the darkblade and nearest two savages, killing a savage and pushing the darkblade into the fire where it screams in pain as it catches fire.
Asha then moves to assist her fellow prisoner but is unable to break the lock.

Keena moves further up into the cavern and casts her Hunter’s quarry on the nearby darkblade and lets loose her Thunderstruck boar strike, striking the darkblade hard. It stumbles back into the fire beside it’s brethren.

Sir Wil now engages the now living statue nearby and hits, but it shifts away, taking more damage from Sir Wil but firing back with it’s bow and connects.

Baradryn turns on the nearby drudge and strikes with her Tending Strike and brings it down.

The last remaining orc savage now turns on Carra and strikes but misses.

One of the flaming orc darkblade’s step’s out of the flames and strikes at Baradryn’s wolf but the wolf nimbly dodges the attack. Nonetheless the orc’s wounds start to heal.

Carra turns and strikes at the last remaining orc savage and brings it down. She moves into position to take on the darkblade.

The orc chieftan, completing the activation of his guardian’s and seeing his prisoner’s escaping charges in at the winged Deva and wounds her with his greataxe. The savage chieftan blocks the cage of his minotaur captive.

The initially activated statue makes another strike at Carra but misses.

Dwyn dashes up to strike at the orc darkblade in the fire with his Riposte strike but misses.
Brogg circles around the fire and comes in on the other side of the cheiftan attacking with his flame hammer and with a powerful strike of his hammer pushes him back. Spending an action point he then attempts to smash the lock with his hammer but is unsucessful.

Baradryn’s wolf attempt to attack the closest Darkblade but misses.

The other statue shudder’s to life and fires off 3 arrows at Brogg, Asha and Carra hitting all 3 sucessfully.

One of the darkblade’s shifts and attacks Dwyn with it’s poisoned falchion (CRIT!)

The shaman again attacks Carra with a strike from it’s spear, missing but shifting back.

Asha shifts back from the drooling Chieftan before casting Horrid Whispers on the shaman, hitting the darkblade and chieftan as well.

Keena now takes a shot at her quarry but misses. Spending an action point she moves into the room and tries again but misses once again.

Sir Wil again moves in on the statue and attack with his longsword (CRIT!) The statue again shifts back and fires back at Sir Wil taking damage in the process and again hits the Paladin.

Baradryn shift’s to flank the darkblade and uses his Combined attack power. He hits but his companion misses. The Darkblade is on it’s last leg.

The other darkblade shifts out of the fire and attacks Carra hitting her finally and dripping it’s poison into her wound.

Carra strikes back with her great axe and hits damaging it badly but it slips away and pushes the prone chieftain in front of Carra with a backwards kick of it’s boot.

The chieftan stands up and strikes now at the enemy in front of him who he is surprised to see is not the one before him before but because of the psychic horrors going through his mind is distracted enough to not make a good strike against her and misses.

The original statue now copies it’s partner’s examples and takes 3 shots at it’s closest enemies, Sir Wil, Baradryn and Baradryn’s wolf companion and injures all 3, Baradryn’s wolf companion now clinging to life.

Dwyn feeling poison coursing through his veins turns on the nearby darkblade and strikes. The darkblade goes down, but not before it gets one last strike at Dwyn who nearly falls but spends an action point to use his second wind.

Brogg moves in and attacks the prone shaman and strikes it with his flaming hammer.

Baradryn’s wolf companion slinks behind it’s master.

The other statue now opens up again with another hail of arrows at Brogg, Carra and Dwyn. This time it misses Brogg but hits the other two, bloodieing Carra and nearly bringing Dwyn to death yet again.
The shaman stands and pokes Brogg with it’s spear and it pierces his armor pushing him back towards the cage of the raging minotaur.

Asha now casts a summoning spell and a large icy hand appears near the chieftan and attempts to grab him. It unfortunately misses. As a minor action Asha sustains the hand and then moves away from her enemies.

Keena moves her speed, and puts her hunter’s quarry on the 2nd activated statue before firing off her skirmish shot and sinking it deep into the statue.

Sir Wil charges the archer statue and JUST misses.

Baradryn comes in to flank the guardian statue and strikes with his tending strike. Hit! The statue begins to falter. Baradryn then follows up with a healing word for his companion.

The remaining darkblade turns on Brogg and strikes. The strike hits and his poison sinks into Brogg’s skin. Brogg is now bloodied.

Carra now shifts and attacks the darkblade (CRIT!). The darkblade goes down in a heap.

The orc chieftan strikes back on Carra but misses.

The first activated statue attempts it’s hail of arrows on Baradryn’s wolf companion, Carra and Dwyn but first takes attacks from Baradryn an Sir Wil. Both miss. But the statue hits all 3 of his targets, and Dwyn goes down.

On his turn Dwyn makes his death save.

Brogg now shifts and makes an attack with his flaming warhammer on the shaman (CRIT!). The shaman is pummeled by the flamming warhammer and staggers back into the fire pit.

Baradryn’s wolf companion, though badly wounded, strikes at the nearby archer statue but misses.

The other statue does it’s hail of arrows on Brogg, Carra, and Keena. It sinks an arrow deep into Brogg’s backside but cannot penetrate the armor of Carra. The arrow on Keena shoots wide.

The shaman, burning in the fire goes down, but now before it makes one last stab with it’s spear… and brings Brogg down with it.

Asha now commands her icy hand to again attack the Chieftan. This time a hit! The chieftan is crushed by the grip of the hand and held in place.

Keena takes aim at the lock on the Minotaur’s cage… Chink! The lock snaps off the Minotaur’s cage. He’s free!
Spending an action point she takes another shot, this time on the archer statue. Another hit and the statue is.. bloodied!

Sir Wil uses his strike of hope against the archer statue but his hope is futile and he misses.

Baradryn now uses his daily power, Life blood harvest, bringing down the nearest archer statue and bringing Dwyn back from near death! She then moves towards Brogg and with a chant of her healing word brings him back also.

Carra strikes at the grabbed chieftan and hits, injuring him.

The chieftan burts free from the hand grabbing him and strikes back but misses.

Dwyn now stands up and shifts away, shooting his sling at the chieftan and hits. He then slips into the shadows somewhere at the edge of the cave.

Brogg stands up and hits the Chieftan from behind.

Baradryn’s Wolf companion attacks the archer but misses. The archer statue shifts away and sinks deep into the wolf’s chest and it goes down with a yelp. Baradryn shouts out, “NO!!!”

The archer, alerted to the druid’s cries, fires at the druid, Keena and brogg. It hit’s the druid and the ranger but goes wide of the warrior.

Asha attemps another attack on the Chieftan with the hand but misses.

Keena sinks an arrow into the statue and nearly brings it down.

Sir wil moves in on the Chieftan now and strikes with a glowing longsword (CRIT!).

Baradryn, enraged that the archer statue brought down his companion, chargets the archer creature and attacks with her Tending strike. The Statue lashes out with it’s sword at the last second before it bursts into dust and slightly wounds Baradrn. Barardryn kneels by her companion’s side and mumble’s a few words and the wolf’s eyes open.

Karlak, the minotaur, dashes out of it’s cage while snapping his finger’s, armor suddenly covering his body. He runs to the weapon’s rack where he had his eye on his great sword and grabs it. With a roar he then charges the chieftan and sinks his sword into the chieftan.

Carra follows up with a powerful attack of her own (CRIT!), bloodieing the chieftan.

The chieftan follows up with an attack of it’s own against Carra and crushes her with an attack of his attack. She is bloodied. Some of his wounds begin to close up and he is no longer bloodied.

Dwyn moves into action, stepping out of the shadows he fires off a shot of his sling and wounds the Chieftan.

Brogg brings his hammer down on the Chieftan and wounds him.

Asha tries an attack with her arc lightning. She also tries again to grab the Chieftan with her icy hand.

Keesha now sets her quarry on the Chieftan and fires of her shot. Hit! She uses an action point and tries another. Hit again.

Sir Wil makes a strike with his longsword and misses. With an action point and a heroic effort his 2nd attack hits with holy smiting, dazing the chieftan.

Baradryn now slips in and attacks with his tending strike. The first one misses, but an action point and another strike later and Sir Wil has temporary hit points! :)

Karlak the barbarian minotaur finally gets some revenge on his orc chieftan captor. A desvastating strike with his greatsword nearly splits the chieftan in two. An with an action point and another devastating strike later brings him down!

Searching the area Karlak and Asha find the gear that had been stripped from them and they also find an additional 170gp, a Sapphire (100gp) and a jeweled chalice (250gp).

Pit Battle

Dwyn attempts a sneak attack on the nearest guard and he drops to the ground with a sword in his back. At the other end of the pit the orc sitting on the throne, sees this, stands up and shouts. All the orcs turn to see their companion crumpled to ground with a little hafling standing over him. Dwyn shrugs his shoulders with a little oops… and suddenly the other orc guard beside him goes down with a slavering wolf utop it ripping out it’s throat.

The gladiator’s face turns to anger and he shouts… “PUT THEM IN THE PIT!!!!”

Dwyn dashes forward and attacks the closest orc drudge around the right side of the pit and it goes down.

One of the Orc Savages from the other side of the pit moves around into position and tosses an axe at Dwyn but it goes wide.

Sir Wil moves into the room and approaches one of the orc savages…

Kyrr moves up and a ball of fire shoots out from his raised scepter and kills 2 savages and a Drudge, and wounds an archer standing in the back.

Brogg moves up into the room.

Carra runs up and with a shot of her bow takes a shot at the closest orc savage but misses.

The wounded archer takes a shot back at Kyrr and hits, knocking him back a square.

Pressing the advantage against the mage, the large orc that was sitting on the chair, charges forward and attacks, bloodieing Kyrr. He follows up (action point) with a booming shout that echoes off the walls, knocking Kyrr unconcious, and bouncing Dwyn closer to the pit.

One of the savages charges Sir Wil and attempts to knock him into the pit but he stands firm.

Bardryn runs up and first heals Kyrr and then uses his sling against the large orc Gladiator wounding him.

Below, the wounded owlbear finishes off the last orc it was fighting and looks up at the new combatants in anger…

Keena finally charges ahead and leads of with a skirmish shot against the orc Gladiator wounding him.

The other orc archer hits Sir Wil and knocks him back.

The last remaining orc drudge charges Sir Wil with his club raised, and crits!

Bardryn’s wolf attacks the very same Drudge and murders it!

Dwyn sneaks around the gladiator and with his Duelist’s demand hits and wounds him.

Next Sir Wil acts and with his action point uses his second wind before attacking the Savage in front of him.

Kyrr now stands up and backs up before shooting off an energy bolt into the orc gladiator.

Next Sir Brogg moves up and takes on the gladiator toe to toe. With a strike of his flaming war hammer he wounds him badly.

Carra now moves up and with another shot of her bow tries to hit the unwounded orc archer and crits!

The other wounded archer takes a shot at Kyrr and pushes him towards the edge… but he luckily catches himself just before he goes down.

Harrash, the orc Gladiator, Booms out his name and the thunderous call knocking Kyrr unconcious and then over the edge of the pit where he falls twenty feet to land on his head making a sickening crack.
He also hits Bardryn but he catches himself before going over.

Bardryn stands up and charges with an attack of his scimitar but can’t get through the orc’s armor.

The owlbear charges up to the prone Kyrr, sniffs at him a couple time and then looks up again at the creatures fighting above him.

Keena tries her Thunderstruck boar strike but only hits with one of the shots, wounding Harrash.

The archer that Carra wounded, seeing her charging for him, takes a shot at her and hits, knocking her backwards with he power of the strike.

Bardryn’s wolf companion retaliates by charging the archer and CRITS, bloodieing the archer.

Meanwhile, Dwyn uses his Torturous strike on the gladiator and just find that chink in his armor to slide his blade through.

Sir Wil comes around the pit and charges Harrash, wounding him with his longsword.

Brogg now activates his hammerhands stand and hopes to push Harrash back towards the pit. A CRIT!
He stumbles back towards the pit with the angry owlbear… but doesn’t go over.

Carra meanwhile drops her bow, draws her greatsword and charges the archer that hit her earlier, dropping it with one great slash of her sword.

The remaining archer moves up and zeroes in on Sir Wil but the arrow bounces harmlessly off his armor.

In a fury, Hararsh strikes at Brogg with a blow of his Great axe and hits, lightning crackling around the strike.

Bardryn strikes at Harrash with a shot of his sling but misses. He then spends an action point and charges the archer with his scimitar and also misses him.

The owlbear looks up hungrily at the teetering Harrash above him…

Keena lines up a carefully aimed shot at Harrash… and well… misses.

Meanwhile Bardryn’s faithful wolf companion comes up behind his target and attempts to bit the archer but can’t get through it’s armor.

Dwyn meanwhile steps back and pulls out his sling to take a shot at Harrash but just misses over his head.

Sir Wil also attack Harrash but isn’t able to penetrate his armor.

Brogg turns his head and laughs and says, “This is how you do it!” and smashes down with his hammer, knocking Harrash prone as he saves himself from going over the edge.

Carra moves back around the pit and gets closer to the action.’

The orc archer, sorrounded and nowhere to go, pulls out his hand axe and attacks Bardryn. A CRIT!

Harrash, still immobolized attempts to swing at the feet of Brogg with his war axe but not suprisingly misses.

Bardryn activates his combined attack and he strikes true with his scimitar… sadly Barg is still unable to get through the armor of the orc, but nonetheless, the orc is bloodied.

Keena takes another shot against the prone Harrash but misses again.

Barg continues to gnaw on the leather boot of the orc archer but there is no penetrating the to the orc’s flesh.

Dwyn meanwhile turns his sling on the orc archer and hits!

Sir Wil, meanwhile, lights up his longsword with his holy smite and strikes! A hit!

Brogg nods in approval and takes another whack with his warhammer and hits again.

Carra meanwhile raises her axe and slams it down at the archer just hitting it…. and cleaving it in half!

Harrash, meanwhile, still dazed from Sir Wil’s attack stumbles to his feet.

But no sooner does he do so then Bardryn slips in with a stab of his scimitar and brings him down.

The adventurer’s look below them at the enraged owlbear and their fallen companion below. Carra looks at the others and pulls out her bow. They follow suit, and after some target practice against the enraged but doomed owlbear below they manage to lower Bardryn down into the pit who checks on Kyrr and looks up his his friends above and sadly shakes his head. Carra, ever the pragmatists, suggests gathering his spell book, ice crown, ice scepter and staff and they bring Bardryn back up with the loot. They also search the room and find on Harrash a pouch with a large flawless saphire (500gp) and a Foe Seeking Longbow and safewing amulet.

Deeper into the Cavern

After the battle, the party searches the bodies of it’s fallen foes but finds nothing of significant value.

They continue out the exiting passage and reach an intersection with four new possible choices. One passage leads to the right and travels a short way before apparently widening into a room. Directly ahead the passage continues, to the left one passage heads straight into the darkness, while to the left and apparently doubling back another passage turns a corner and seems to slope down. They explore the room to their right first which appears to be a storage room of sorts, where Dwyn finds a coil of rope to replace the one he left in the Ettin cave.

The double back and decide between the remaining three possible directions. They all agree doubling back in the downward slopping passage wouldn’t get them any closer to getting out of here. Baradryn suggests they go straight ahead and the party agrees. They follow the sloping passage down which descends deeper and deeper into the dungeon. As it rounds a corner, they hear what the sound of cheering mixed with the sounds of combat coming from not far beyond. Light is emanating from some source around the corner. Dwyn douses his sun rod and peaks around the corner.

Twenty feet away, the Cavern appears to open up into a large room, longer that it is wide. At the entrance are two more of the green brutes they saw earlier standing guard, but currently facing the other direction looking down into what appears from her to be a large opening in the floor. Torches like the walls as do more of these green skinned creatures all looking down cheering at something below. The sounds of battle appear to be coming from this pit in the floor. At the far end of the room Dwyn can see a larger armored brute sitting on in a high backed chair, apparently overseeing the events below.
With the guards attention focused on the action below Dwyn sneaks up with his sword and attacks!

Court Battle

The Judge.
The Orc shaman, known as the ‘judge’ to his people, is holding ‘court’ for his followers. Behind him, two orcs hold down his body guard ogre he keeps the others in line. In the back are two archers who the party don’t see at first as they have concealment behind wooden palisades. The judge remains on his dais casting lightning strike until at least two characters are within 6 squares. At that point he’ll use his wolf spirit to attack as many creatures as he can and then retreats off the dais, commanding his body guards and it’s handlers to deal with the advancing intruders. The archers start firing as soon as the characters are within range.

Kyrr begins the battle, striding forward from the back of the ranks and with her ice scepter in hands casts flames from her outstretched hands, and roasts the kneeling dwarves and singes the shaman, who’s eyes pop open wide in horror!

Next Barg, Bardryn’s wolf companion charge forward and attempts to bite the one remaining kneeling orc, but it stands up and dodges out of the way at the last second.

Bardryn attempts to follow up on his companion’s missed attack with a strike of his own, but a shot from his sling bounces right off the orc’s leather armor.

Carra now charges ahead with her axe held high and brings it down on top of the shaman atop the dais, bloodieing him badly.

One of the orc’s holding the ogre’s chains, seeing “The judge” gravely injured, charges forward to attack Carra with his battle axe, but Carra is able to deflect the attack with her thick plate armor.

Brogg now charges the remaining Orc drudge with an attack of his warhammer and crushes it into the dirt.

The ogre, enraged that his master is being attacked charges forward with it’s club raised high and brings down an angry smash atop Carra and connects!

The shaman, gravely wounded chants a few words and summons out of the spirit world a frost wolf which appears and attemps to attack Carra, Bardryn’s wolf companion and Brogg. Carra is hit and knocked prone. The shaman then attemps to move back away from her.

Dwyn now jumps into the frey and attempts to attack the other Orc Reaver who hasn’t acted with a shot from his sling, trying to manuever the sling bullet around the large ogre, just managing to sneak the attack buy and hit the other reaver.

Suddenly an arrow seems to fly from out of nowhere to embed itself into Brogg’s shoulder knocking him sideways. He looks to his right and see that from behind a wooden barrier an orc with bow has popped up and is standing laughing at the injured Brogg.

The Reaver hit by Dwyn’s sling attack charges angrily towards him clobbering him with it’s battle axe. It then immediately takes a left turn and charges at Kyrr hitting him as well.

Keena now charges forward and with a skirmishing shot from her bow attempts to attack the Reaver who just injured her friends but as usual shoots wide. (For some reason I just cannot hit lately with that shot!). She then declares the reaver her quarry.

Another archers pops up from being a wooden palisade and fires a shot at Dwyn. It hits, knocking him back with a stream of blood shooting out from the wound (bloodied!).

Sir Wil at last charges forward with sword held high and attacks the reaver stabbing his blade right through it’s armor, and granting Dwyn a boon.

Kyrr now shifts back and shoots the reaver with a blast from her scepter, bloodieing it.

Bardryn’s companion leaps up onto the dais and attempts to bite the Reaver standing over Carra but again can’t get it’s fangs through it’s armor.

Bardryn charges ahead and calls for Barg to help him in another attack against the same reaver.
This time both are successful and they injure the reaver badly.

Carra stands up and attempts to follow up on their sucessful attack with one of her own but sadly misses.

The Reaver now turns it’s axe on Bardryn and hits. As it’s fellow before him, it follows up with a charge, this one on Brogg. In doing so, Carra, Bardryn and the wolf companion all attempt to strike at him, only Bardryn hits but critically, bloodieing the creature as it finishes it’s charge against Brogg, who deftly side steps the attack.

Brogg strikes back with his war hammer, wounding it gravely.

The Ogre meanwhile smashes down angrily with his club on Carra, but she easily dodges out of the way this time.

The shaman now turns and fires lightning from it’s finger tips at Carra bloodieing her and also hitting Bardryn beside her, he also continue’s to move further back.

Dwyn, meanwhile, sneaks up behind the Reaver that charged him earlier and attempts his Torturous strike on it from a flanking posistion and manages to wound him badly.

Meanwhile, one of the archers line up another shot on Brogg and gets him in the gut this time, bloodieing him.

The nearby Reaver, meanwhile turns on Barg and attacks with his battle axe and wounds him. He then immediately turns to charge Brogg again but the wolf rips out the tendons in his back legs. As it goes down it lashes out one last time with it’s battle axe against Bardryn’s companion, but misses.

Keena then tries a warning shot to finish of the fleeing “judge” and hits wounding it critically. He is barely standing now.

The other Orc Archer now, seeing a fellow archer nearby turns his attention on Keena. He fires of a shot hitting her so hard she stumbles backwards.

Sir Wil now attempts another Strike of hope on the Reaver near him, missing badly.

Kyrr follows up with a blast of energy from her scepter and finishes him off. In it’s dying breath it lashes out one last time at Sir Wil with it’s Axe but misses.

Bardryn’s wolf companion now works to flank the ogre and attacks at it’s heel finding it’s mark with a bite of his fangs.

Bardryn follows up with a healing word for his companion and then charges forward with a Tending strike on the Ogre.

Carra uses an action point and a second Wind and then attacks the Ogre with a great smash of her axe.

Brogg does a similar action and then charges the archer causing him so much trouble and just manages to hit with his charge attack.

The Ogre, still focused on Carra, strikes down angrily on her with all it’s might and wounds her gravely (CRIT).

The “Judge” attempts another lightning attack, this time on Bardryn and hits, wounding him and Carra.
He then attempts to make a run for it, but runs into the spot right where Keena was aiming and is brought down with a shot from her bow.

Dwyn makes a charge on the archer nearest him managing to get his short sword through it’s thick green skin, drawing blood.

The archer attacked by Brogg attempts to shift back 1 space and plug Brogg with another devestrating shot from his longbow, but this time Brogg is able to deflect it with his readied shield.

Keena now moves towards the archer that Dwyn attacked, declares the archer her quarry and takes careful aim, and hits, bloodieing the creature.

It then shifts back one space and fires a longbow shot at it’s nearest enemy, Dwyn, and hits, knocking the little hafling backwards.

Sir Wil now runs in to help on the Ogre, with long sword glowing with holy light, he strikes down on the beast. He bloodies the beast and it looks dazed.

Kyrr, now moves into position against the archer that Brogg is working against. He opens his tome of Readiness and casts forth Leaden transformation on the archer but is unable to cause any effect to the creature.

Barg now attempts again a nip at the Ogre’s heel and sucessfully wounds the beast.

Baradryn tries a Tending strike against the beast but can’t penetrate the Ogre’s thick skin.
However, he does get off a second healing word to help his quickly flailing ally Carra.

Carra quickly follows that up with her Minor ressurgence power and then attacks the Ogre with another powerful strike, wounding it to within inches of it’s life.

Brogg, meanwhile, is able to pin the orc archer against the back cavern wall and strikes it with his warhammer. CRITICAL! It is badly bloodied.

The Ogre, furious in anger now again angrily tries to crush Carra into the ground. Hitting with the club , and bringing her again towards the brink of death.

Dwyn moves in with his Fleeting strike on the cornered archer but it dodges out of the way.

The other archer, with nowhere to go, drops its bow and pulls out a hand axe that it had hanging on it’s belt and attempts to hit Brogg with it but it is not nearly as deft with it as the longbow and Brogg easily deflects the blow. Knowing it’s end is near if it can’t get away it makes a mad dash to get away from Brogg, but Brogg, very skilled with his hammer is able to catch it as it attempts to flee, bringing it down, it’s feeble dying attack is ineffective.

Keena, meanwhile hopes to bring down the other archer with her thunderstruck boar strike. One arrow strikes true, but the other misses. Being her quarry, however, the orc still takes heavy damage but it remains on its feet.

It too, drops its bow now and strikes at Dwyn with a hand axe, but misses. It tries to run away, but takes a stab from Dwyn’s short sword as it makes it’s escape, and he wounds it, as it still manages to escape and make it’s way to the other passage out of this cavern.

Sir Wil, again calls on the gods to bestow power on his longsword strike and attackes the ogre with a slashing blow and with a deft strike to the creatures exposed throat brings the beast down with a crash.

Kyrr sees the lone remaining orc trying to slink away down the exiting passage and easily dispatches it with the uneering arcane magic missle from his scepter.

Meeting the "Judge"

After the battle, Bardryn finishes lowering Barg the rest of the way into the cavern and then, apparently, decides to slide down the chute instead of use the rope. At least that’s what she told them when she got down, which of course no one believed. They searched through the web which seemed to contain all sorts of previous meals of the spiders and find 50sp in a pouch, along with a bunch of tattered and somewhat rusted equipment of their previous victims. The group deduces that the Ettin’s often dumped the remains of their victims or things they didn’t like down their garbage chute to the waiting spiders who were kept fat and happy while it lasted.

It appears there is only one exit from this cavern room, a downward sloping passage to the northwest.
After taking a short rest and fixing themselves up they decide to head on, Dwyn lighting the way with his sunrod.

The sloped passage ran another sixty feet before reaching a fork where the passage split in two. The right passage angles slightly upwards and is quiet, while the left passage continues it’s downward slope. They also hear the sound of voices drifting up the passage.

“I think we should go up, “ Carra says, “It would be a way out.”

“I don’t believe we’ve gone far enough yet,” suggested Bardryn.

“But clearly there is something down there… “ Sir Wil declared. “Might it not be best to try and avoid such trouble?”

Bardryn seemed to have no retort to that, so the adventurer’s headed up the slope. It went another eighty feet, however, before it ended in a collapsed passage.

“Looks like our choice is made for us, “ Sir Wil chimed. “Let us see just what awaits us down that passage. Quietly…”

The group went made their way back to the fork and slowly made their way down the cavern. The passage opens up into another large cavern, where they witness a green skinned humanoid, in a head dress hanging with skulls addressing other such beasts wearing tattered leather armor. Behind the leader, who is standing above the group on a makeshift dais, are two more of the humanoids, holding the chains to a large gray skinned beast holding a club.

The shaman in the center is mumbling words to the prostrate orcs before him when Brogg bumps up against the rock he’s hiding behind. The prostrate orc heads turn and the Shaman switches to speaking in the common tongue. “Ah, we have guests, “ Seeming unpreturbed, “Deal with them. But take them alive. Varrus will want them alive.”

Spiders, why did it have to be Spiders?

DM NOTE: At the start of this encounter, since the players managed to fall into the web, I’m going to decide to place them all prone on the map and immobolized till save which results in them immediately getting up from Prone. Once they can move, they will be slowed while they are in the webs and the webs are considered difficult terrain.

A spiderling skitters into the center of the web where it finds a prone and immobolized target – Carra, which it attempts to Bite but doesn’t break through her armor.

Keena attempts to riggle free of the sticky webs and is sucessful as is Dwyn.

Baradryn, seeing her new friends fall immediately begins lowering a whimpering Barg down the hole.

Another small spider scurries to an immobolized target, Kyrr this time, but can’t bite through his thick woolen robes. Kyrr manages to quickly wriggle free of the webs and stand up as does Brogg nearby.

Another spiderling scurries up the web and attempts to bite Sir Wil and manages to find a chink in his armor to sing it’s fangs into, injecting it’s poison. The weak poison doesn’t seem to effect Sir Wil, but a build up of the poison (ie. Another bite) might.

Carra and Sir Wil both manage to wriggle their way of the sticky webs and stand up.

Another spiderling runs up the web and attacks Carra and hits, with similar effect to Sir Wil earlier.

Another spiderling comes up to attack Brogg but can’t get through his armor.

Suddenly, from the other side of the Cavern, by the light of Dwyn’s sunrod that dropped with them and hung in the webs nearby, emerges a Large spider clittering and clattering and skittering towards them. It climbs up the web and seems to be making its way towards either Keena or Kyrr…

The first spiderling again tries to attack Carra but again is unsucessful getting through her thick plate.

Keena attempts to take a step back while one of the Spiderlings in the web attacking Carra, who is much more agile in this enviroment strikes out to bite Keena. But does not penetrate her hide armor. She in turns shoots an arrow at the very same spider and slays it.

Dwyn moves deftly in the web and strikes at the spiderling near him with his short sword and slays it.

Bardryn meanwhile continues lowering his whimpering wolf down the narrow tunnel, managing another 15 feet this round.

The spiderling near Kyrr this time manages to get it’s fangs through his wool robes and inject it’s poison.

Kyrr manages to get a bolt of arcane energy off with his ice scepter but not before the spider is able to bit him again before it burns up in his arcane bolt.

Brogg now attacks the spiderling that was trying to bite him before and manages to hit and kill it with a smashing blow from his flamehammer.

Another spiderling skitters up the web and attacks Kyrr with more poison (he is now bloodied).

Carra moves up to take on the lurking large spider, taking an attack from the spiderling which luckily misses. She crashes down on the large spider with her great axe and hits with a powerful strike. (25 dmg).

Sir Wil meanwhile moves through the sticky webs to try and take care of the other spiderling that was attacking Carra and manages to kill it with a Valiant strike and grant a boon to Kyrr (+5 tmp hp).

The large spider, enraged at Carra now for wounding it strikes out with it’s mandibles but can’t quite get a grip on her slippery plate armor.

Keena lines up a Thunderstruck boar strike with two shots of her bow. Both hit (19 and 20) knocking the spider back (and bloodieing it.) The spider shoots out webbing from it’s hind body while it skitters away.

Dwyn struggles through the web to try and cut off the large spider. While Bardryn works on lowering Barg further into the cavern.

Kyrr deals with the last spiderling but not before it gets one more bite on him with it’s poisoned fangs.
He then moves towards the giant cave spider.

Brogg manages to charge out of the webs and ignites his warhammer with flame bringing it down on the spider who squeels and scurries to get away from this new unwanted threat.

Carra also manages to break out of the web and charge the spider as well landing a well placed strike of her axe on it’s backside

Sir wil now charges forward with his longsword ready to finish the beast off… and with a downward strike of his sword through the spider’s swollen abdomen he does so.

What's for dinner

After dealing with the Ettin’s, they party enters the cave and searches through the filth and find 140 gold pieces and what Kyrr identifies as a Foe-Seeking longbow which Keena turns over in her hands with loving care, despite the fact that it was buried in a pile of Ettin dung.

Searching the cave also reveals a vertical passage that leads straight down. It was much too small for the Ettin’s to fit through, but any medium sized humanoid or smaller can easily fit through. Shining their light rods into the call reveals that it slops down at a precipitous 80 degree angle and it’s impossible to see the bottom from this vantage.

Carra begins pulling the rope out of her backpack.

Kyrr looks skeptical, “What are you doing? You aren’t planning on shimmying down that hole are you?”
Carra looks a the rest of the group, “Anyone have any better idea?”

Sir Wil shakes his head. “She’s right. We’re commited to finding a passage through the mountain and unless Bardryn knows of another entrance.. “ he pauses looking at Bardryn who looks down shaking her head, “then this is it. Dwyn, get out your pitons and hammer. We’re going to need to anchor the rope up here for the last person down.”

They work together to get the rope secured and look from one to another. Carra speaks first, “I’ll go.”

Brogg puts his hand in front of her and in a chivalrous gesture says, “Let me.” Carra shrugs and waves the affable warrior forward and he starts to make his way down on the rope.

They begin to make their way down the rope, Brogg leading with Carra right behind him. Sir Wil is next, the Dwyn Kyrr, Keena and finally Bardryn who says he’ll bring up the rear so he can help lower his companion down on a rope after everyone else has made it down.

They start making their way down when suddenly Kyrr loses his grip on the rope and starts to fall (Rolled 1), he makes a desperate grab for the rope and is able to hold on (natural 20)

Holding on for dear life he takes a couple deep breaths before signaling the rest of the group to continue.

As they continue to move down, Keena gets on the rope and like Kyrr before her loses grip on the rope that has gotten slick from the moist cave walls. Unfortunately, this time she cannot hold on and starts sliding down the shoot towards the next person on the rope. Kyrr hears that Keena is falling and holds on tight to the rope… but knocks Kyrr off the rope as well. Dwyn has one last chance to stop the whole group from falling… but fails and with a clatter and screaming they all slide out of the shoot.

(I’ve decided, that the rough walls of the shoot do enough cutting and scratching to do 1d4 dmg for every 20 feet slid or so. Not a lot of damage but just a little bit to soften them up for what’s next)

Expecting to fall upon the hard cavern floor Brogg finds himself flung out of the chute straight into what feels to be sticky spider web. His companions fall out of the chute shortly after to all land prone stuck in spider web. All around them they hear clicking and clattering as what ever is about them in the darkness has heard the dinner bell rung.

Four heads aren't better than one

Brogg runs up and then charges the closest Ettin from behind and with a crushing blow from his flaming war hammer wounds the Ettin who lets out a yelp as its flesh is burned (With power Strike rolled 10 + 10 + 6 =26 dmg!).

Meanwhile Dwyn sneaks around the back up Brogg and makes an attack with his sling knocking him on the head with a sling rock (17dmg which includes sneak attack damage for his First Strike Feat).

Bardryn steps out from behind a rock and attempts to hit the other Ettin with a sling attack of his own and hits (4 dmg).

Keena runs up and supports Bardryns shot with a Skirmish shot of her own but the arrow flies high over the Ettin’s heads (Used Knack for success plus Running attack bonus… and rolled a 2! :( )

The first Ettin, turns on Brogg and tries to smash him with his club. Brogg takes a ringing blow to the head. The Ettin then kicks Brogg away rumbles back inside the cave entrance.

Kyrr steps up with her new Ice Scepter and shoots out a bolt of energy at the second Ettin which is unerringly strikes directly in the chest. (8dmg)

The second Ettin now charges forth and attempts to smash his club down on Bardryn but Bardryn rolls out of the way just in time.

Carra maneuvers around the the second Ettin and comes in on with from his Flank with a charge attack with her Axe. She slams it hard into the side of the Ettin leaving a deep gash (Power Strike for 23 dmg).

Barg, Baradryn’s faithful wolf companion, seeing its master in trouble slinks around to flank the second Ettin and attacks with a snap of it’s jaws but they don’t penetrate the giants thick skin.

The Second calls out for help and the first Ettin now comes charging back out of the cave and attack Carra but misses with is club, so he kicks her instead sending her stumbling back with the Ettin close on her heels.

The Second Ettin, emboldened by his friend, attacks Bardryn again, but he ducks under the blow. The Ettin then kicks out with his foot on the wolf snapping at his heels and send it flying back to the tree behind him.

Sir Wil runs into battle, attempting to help Carra who is now turned on by the first Ettin. He approaches from his flank and stabs with his longsword at it’s back and with a heroic last minute move manages to slash its side (10dmg and used heroic effort).

Brogg charges back into the fray with his flaming warhammer and attempts to get the attention of the second Ettin who is now harassing his lightly armored allies. He hits with a Powerful strike and suceeds in getting the two headed giants attention on him (Powerstrike and 16dmg this time)

Dwyn now draws his short sword and charges ahead to attack the first Ettin but he slips in the snow and misses.

Bardryn now draws her curved bladed scimitar and slashes at the Ettin with a Tending strike, which hits wounding the Ettin and giving a boon to Brogg. (10 dmg and +3 tmp hp to Brogg and Ettin #2 is Bloodied)

Keena steps back and lets loose two arrows from her bow (Thunderstruck boar strike) hitting with the first but missing with the second but still manages to wound her quarry with a nice strike (10 dmg)

The first Ettin now turns to attack Sir Wil with its club but Sir Wil raises his shield just in time to deflect the blow. In the meantime, it kicks out with his foot and pushes Carra away.

Meanwhile Kyrr takes a step back and uses his Freezing Burst power cast from her Ice Scepter to attack both Ettins and with skill and aplomb manages to miss both of them.

Then the second Ettin takes a swing again at Brogg and connects with it club hardly hurting him at all (4 dmg, 3 of which came off Brogg’s tmp hp)

Carra recovers from the Ettin’s earlier kick and charges back in to attack from its flank, managing, with a last second heroic effort to keep herself from slipping in the snow to sink her axe deep into the back of the Ettin. (Heroic Effort + Power Strike – 20dmg and the other Ettin is now bloodied).

Bardryn’s wolf companion flanks the second Ettin again and this time manages to sink it’s fangs into the heel of the Ettin (10dmg).

The First Ettin, now dripping with blood and realizing it’s enemies are too powerful attempts to get past the adventurer’s blocking it’s path. First it tries to kick Dwyn out of the way and manages to do so. It then tries to move away from it’s flanking enemies but takes an attack from Carra (16dmg) and from Sir Wil (11 dmg) as it tries to escape. It then runs towards it’s cave to seek shelter.

The other Ettin, seeing it’s mate run away, does not seem to easily frightened and with a last ditch effort attempts to bat away its foes. First it kicks again at the wolf behind it but this time Bardryn’s companion is ready and easily dances to the side. Then he again swings his club at Brogg and misses completely due to his weakened condition (a natural 1!)

Sir Wil turns and chases down the fleeing Ettin and his sword flashes with the power of radiant magic (holy smite). He misses completely (another natural 1!) but still manages to burn the Ettin with the power of his holy magic. (4dmg)

Brogg now brings down a powerful strike of his hammer on the Ettin and wounds it gravely (25 dmg with heroic effort and power strike).

Dwyn moves to help Sir Wil finish off the first Ettin with a Deft Strike but sadly is unable to penetrate it’s thick skin with his short sword.

Bardryn meanwhile casts a quick healing word on Brogg and then calls his companion to attack with him to bring down the Ettin. Before his companion is even able to get its teeth through the skin of the Ettin, Baradryn brings him down with a deft slash of his blade.

Keena then runs up, taking careful aim on the fleeing Ettin and once again manages to bring it down with a killing strike of her arrow.


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