Trial of the Seven

Day 1
Where it all began...

Started campaign with 4 characters using Red Box Essentials.

Characters were Carra, Dwyn, Krrr, and Breya.

Today introduced 3 new characters..

Brogg, a Human fighter with his companion
Eenn, a Hybrid Mage/ Cleric
And Keena, a Half Elf Ranger

Brogg and Eenn responded to noises they heard of the road they were traveling on, and went to investigate. They were immediately set upon by a crazed cultist, Pung and his minions. At first things weren’t looking good. But out of the blue Keena showed up and immediately put one through Pung’s chest. Furthermore, the hole that Pung’s wagon was stuck in was actually an Ant Hive. Ants began swarming out of the pit right where Pung was and began attacking him. Things went down quickly for Pung then, especially once the wagon sunk in the hole and the small glass box Pung was carrying broke and released a black gaseous creature who immediately attacked and killed Pung. The heroes easily dispatched the creature shortly after.


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