Trial of the Seven

Back to Fallcrest...

The party, joined now by Sir Wil, head out the next morning along the King’s road on their journey to Fallcrest. Half way there, they started to notice the chil of winter in the valley and the further they journeyed the colder it became. Eventually frost on the ground turned to actual snow. After camping the night across the river they finally arrived in frozen city of Fallcrest at noon, just as a dark cloud and storm seems to be arriving from the north. A few citizens come out to greet the clearly experienced adventurers as they stride into town and ask them for their assistance. As the discuss the sudden decent of winter upon their town, they hear a rhytmic and deep chanting resonating between the sounds of thunder emenating from the clouds. When the adventurer’s rush to investigate the sound, they see, descending from out of the cloud a floating ship, manned by what appear to be a host of skeletons and other forms of walking dead. The ship suddenly dives and lands in the frigid river near the hafling camp where many of the citizens seem to have gathered. The chanting ends as the fur-clad undead warriors leap from the boat, each letting out an unearthly roar as they charge at the scurrying haflings and humans that have gathered here. Sir Wil boldly strides forth and with a shout charges into the fray. The rest of the party follows…

The House of Faith

After leaving the keep, the adventurer’s headed straight to the House of Faith in Harken. With Breya in tow, Carra approached the head pontif and asked if she could do anything. The priests examined the corpse of their fallen companion and shook their heads sadly. It was too late for Breya. They offered, in honor of her great service in freeing them from the grip of the Iron Circle, to give her an honored burial within their crypts. The adventurer’s agreed to leave their falled comrade with the priests, and after saying there final farewells headed to exit the church. Suddenly the doors swung open and a tall muscled main in gleaming plate strode towards the head priest and knelt before him. “Father. I ask for your blessing as I prepare myself for battle.” The stunned adventurer’s looked at each other before Carra spoke to the kneeling man in front of them. “Sir, I am Carra. We have just saved this town of Harken from the grip of the Iron Circle. What is this battle you speak of?” He looked up with his weathered face, noticing the adventurer’s for the first time. “Have you not heard? Fallcrest has been besieged by an Endless winter, and the undead have risen! I intend to send them back to their hellish tombs!”. Carra looked at the obviously brave knight and a slight smirk creeped across her face. “And you intend to march against the undead alone?”. Without a trace of insult or suprise he just responded, “It is my duty.”
“Well, it was not long ago we ourselves left Fallcrest, " Carra responded, noticing her companions beside her nodding grimly. “We have friends there and if they are trouble, we’d like to help.”
“If you wish.” The knight responded and stood up. “I am Sir Wil.”
The adventurer’s introduced themselves and Sir Wil greeted each solemnly with a nod. “I leave in the morning. If you wish to join me, meet me at ’Nonie’s Place’ on the outskirts of town and we shall journey forth together to relieve Fallcrest of the scourge that has descended upon it!”

Victory at Last

After holing up safely in the dining hall overnight, the party ventured out the next morning to complete the task they came here to do. They cleared the baricade from the double doors leading further into the keep, and discovered Kaltis’s treasure before exiting back to the courtyard where they were greeted instantly by crossbow fire from the walls. Brogg and Carra charged forward and up the stairs while the rest of the group fired back with their ranged attacks. They quickly cleaned up the archers on the wall and approached the locked door to the great tower. Between Brogg and Carra they were able to break through the door and encounter one of the guards from the gatehouse who slashed at the knights with his Halberd. As the heroes engaged the guard, two dragonborn soldiers rounded the corner and joined the free. Enraged by the fall of one of their companions the party tore through their enemies with vengeance, narry taking a scratch. The followed the stairs down to the Jail where they were confronted by two Iron Circle Enforcers, a mage and a Tar Devil Harrier. They all charged in the room and after a long bloody fight finally came through victorious. They freed the baron who promised them his treasures and the adventurer’s exited the keepwith the corpse of their fallen companion…

Death of one of their own

With very little time to rest the party was hard pressed when Kaltis entered the room and sent forth her demon minions to attack the party. Furthermore, the adept who had escaped earlier when and released the Iron Defenders who quickly came at them from the other side. Luckily Brogg was able to beat them back and lock the door to keep them out of the fight for the time being. In the meantime, Altis and the devils did a number on the party. By the time the dust had settled, Dwyn, Kyrr, Brogg and Breya were all down, and sadly, for Breya, she did not get back up. Beaten up badly and saddened by losing one of their own, the party decides they need time to recover. Knowing that Sentries still guard the walls outside, they retreat to the room Kaltis emerged from and bar the 3 entry doors in hopes that they could rest and recover before attempting to track down the captured Baron Stockmer they camed to free.

Awaiting Naizin

After waiting under guard in the barracks Nazin finally showed to inspect his new troops…

“You!” he shouted the moment he stepped in the room and saw his supposed new recruits. “Guards! Attack!”

In charged Nazin and his hobgoblin guards. Nazin and one of the guards quickly bloodied Carra before the adventurer’s struck back. Kyrr Started things off with his sleep spell, which eventually put the adept just outside the door out of commission. The adventurer’s followed up by burning all their daily abilities early on as the enemies all moved into the small room.

After a long fight the adventurer’s had Nazin trapped in a corner. He fought like a cornered rat, striking out with his Infernal Flames and then his Triple headed fail, and after inflicting as much damage as he possibly could to the adventurer’s, finally succumed to their greater numbers!

But after a short rest, the adventurer’s were suprised as the door behind them burst open and a cloaked woman entered the room. “Kill them! The master is dead!”

Pressing the attack

After Nazin retreated back to the keep, the adventurer’s decided to press their advantage and head to the keep to end this once and for all. After discussing amongst each other they decided to try and pose as new recruits to the Iron Circle when they arrived at the keep.
As they approached the front gate, an armed Tiefling guard, leaned out over the Parapet and shouted down.

“Who are you and what business do you have at the Iron Keep?!”

Dwynn squeezed forward, and yelled up, “Don’t you know, we’re the new recruits! Let us in already!”

Dwyn’s Bluff Roll (6 +8 Bluff = 14) ouch! vs Sturmik’s Insight (2 + 11 = 13)
WOO… that was close. (Sucesses: 3 vs 0 Failures) Sturmik, looks unsure but nods before responding,
“So you say. So who called you to the keep?”

Kyrr strode forward.
“We heard the keep was recruiting from Sir Grundel in Harkenwold. He knew us from our time riding together with Perth the Brave, and the great Torg Bigfoot!”

Using Kyrr’s History Roll (12 +10 History = 22) vs DC 15

Sturmik actually smiles and nods knowingly. (That’s Success = 6 vs Failure = 0)
“And how is Bigfoot anyways?”

Figurring he’s still speaking with Kyrr, I decide to use Kyrr’s insight now to try and tell Sturmik something he might like to hear. Roll (2 + 7 Insight = 9) vs DC 13… uh oh
“Ummm… Well he was… Drunk of course!”

Sturmik’s face turned into a scowl. “I thought he was laying off the bottle these days. I hadn’t heard he had been at the bottle again.”
(Success = 6 vs Failure = 1)

Dwyn steps forward to try and change the subject, “Who cares about Bigfoot anyways. We’re here now and we’re ready to Plunder and raid the streets of Harkenwold. Who do we speak to to get that assigment?!”
Using Dwyn’s Streetwise – Roll (19 + 8 Streetwise = 27) vs DC13

Sturmik grins, “I think you’ll fit in nicely here!”
Success = 9 vs Failure 1

Sturmik turns behind him and shouts, “Open the gates and escort these new recruits to the barracks.”

Against Nazin

Nazin and his forces charged the heroes who waited for them to get close before acting. The rabble were easily picked off one by one as they got near with the adventurer’s. Nazin on the other hand was a lot more to deal with. With his heavy armor and flail swinging he went right after the group. At first they had trouble breaking through his defenses but then they started to chip away until finally he used his Infernal flames and dazed the whole group before making a bee line for his mount. He was limping badly, an arrow away from being taken down, but he was somehow able to slip away and dash off on his horse back to his keep. The adventurer’s mopped up the 2 tar devil harriers…

Battle of Albridge Part 2

After resting briefly from their first combat, Dar Gremath rode up to find the adventurer’s and request their assistance at the other side of town. When they arrived they found an adept commanding two tar devils to burn the town down. The adventurer’s charged in and encountered, some previously hidden Iron Circle cut throats which they quickly dispatched. While they dealt with the cutthroats, the two devils snuck up and immediately grabbed Brogg and Carra in their nets. At the same time, from the other side of the building snuck two more cutthroats. This split the adventurer’s in two, with Keena and Eenn dealing with the cutthroats while the rest dealth with the 2 devils and the adept. The adept quickly bolstered one of his minions with his dark imperative and then cast fiery tendrils, dealing fire damage and slowing Brogg, Kyrr, Breya and Carra with one strike. That wasn’t enough to slow down the adventurer’s assault though as they focused first on the devils and then quickly dispatched the adept. Overall this battle went much more smoothly then their last. As they congratulate each other they are disrupted by a loud shout. They turn to see another host of soldiers approaching led by a large muscular man. “You!” he shouts “You are the ones who have caused me so much trouble. Know now that you face Lord Nazin Redthorn, champion of the iron circle. With your deaths my victory is assured!” He turns to his soldiers. “CHARGE!!!”

Battle of Albridge, Part 1

The adventurer’s hung back in reserve as Dar Gremath asked and waited as the battle finally came to them. An Iron Circle Enforcer with two spitting drakes and a gaggle of rabble came charging up the embankment at the adventurer’s. Eenn and Keena sniped at them from the windows of the lone building in the area, while Carra and Brogg charged forward to meet them head on. As the picked off the rable one by one the enforcer and drakes created havoc. After Brogg struck the enforcer, it used it’s smash back ability and heavily wounded him. It followed up with a Flail sweep, killing one of his own men and knocking Breya to the ground in the process. Meanwhile, the drakes spit their corrosive venom at Carra, heavily wounding her. After the rabble was finally finished, Carra and Brogg and the rest teamed up to bring the armored enforcer down before charging at the drakes and taking them out as well. But not before both Carra and Brogg were heavily wounded in the battle.

Battle Preparations

The adventurer’s return to Albridge to find Dar Gremath in an abandoned barn with the other leaders of Harkenwold leaders. They are discussing plans for their defense with different factions having different opinions on what they should be doing.


Carra {using intimidate)
“We will crush the Iron Circle, as we have been doing all along. Them bringing the fight to us is only making our job easier!”

Roll: (Natural 20!) + 5 (Intimidate) = 25 vs DC 15 Success!

The leaders all look at each other nodding their agreement. (3 successes)

Breya (using history)
“There are plenty of examples in history where heavily outnumbered forces, defending their own lands have proven victorious over their foes!”

Roll: (8) + 7 (History) = 15 vs DC 11. Success!
One of the leaders raises his hand in salute – “And we will be victorious as well!” (6 successes)

Keena (using nature)
Meanwhile, Keena is out examining the preperations of battlefield defense. She offers some potential ideas of how to offer camoflauge with their natural sorroundings to the town defenders.

Roll: (15) + 7 (Nature) = 22 vs DC 13. Success!
The soldiers thank Keena and start adding her suggested camoflauge suggestions to their defenses. (9 successes)

Keena (using diplomacy)
After examining the defenders preperations, Keena wanders back to the barn where Dar Gremath is struggling to convince one of the leaders to follow his plans. Keena attemps to settle the argument…

Roll: (2) + 4 (Diplomacy) = 6 vs DC 13 Failure!
The other leader suggests she mind her own business and not stick her nose in things she doesn’t understand… (9 successes vs 1 failure)

Breya (using Religion)
Pacing the front lines she encounters some of the conscripts nervously discussing the upcoming battle. To calm their nerves she offers to commune with her god to offer divine favor to the fighters.

Roll: (Wow another natural 20!) + 7 religion) = 27 Success!
The fighters kneel before Breya as she offers her god’s blessings upon them. Their spirits seem lifted and their confidence returns (11 success vs 1 failure)

Overall, the adventurer’s have helped Dar Gremath come up with a successful battle plan for their upcoming encounter.


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