Trial of the Seven

Knowing Bardryn

The characters follow the dwarven druid up the snowy slope into a small copse of fir trees where they found a makeshift shelter near an extinguished camp fire.

“Is this where you live Dwarf?” Kyrr snorted derisively.

“In fact yes, “ she replied, ignoring the rudeness of the elf. “Well… yes for today at least.”
“My home is this range of mountains and I know them well, “ she turned back to Sir Wil who she assumed to be the leader, “You see, I’ve spent my entire life on these snowy peaks,” she hesitated, “but it’s not my real home.” “My real home is somewhere beneath the mountains. I was raised out here, but my heart lies within the earth still.” She elaborated no further, seemingly lost in her thoughts.

Sir Wir cleared his throat. She looked up and smiled. “I believe it is fortune that has brought you to me… and I to you. I am of the dwarven clan Bardryn. That is my clan name which I choose to take as my own when I was brought into the druid circle and grown enough to take a name of mine own. What my name may have been before I do not remember. However, none of that is important. What I am asking, neigh, offering, can be a benefit to both of us.”

The adventurer’s looked at each other, and Sir Wil nodded his head for her to continue.

“You wish to find your way out of these mountains. I wish to return to my home within these mountains. If you can make me a promise to help me reclaim my home and find my REAL family, I can promise to lend you my skills and lead you from this peak until such time as your promise to me is fulfilled.”

“And what skills can a woodling dwarf such as yourself offer to us exactly?” Carra asked.

The wolf beside Bardryn growled, but instantly calmed when Bardryn layed her hand on his head and scratched his ear.

“I have talents in the healing arts and I am quite skilled with a blade. I’m an accomplished hunter and have survived out here for many years, much on my own. I would be forever grateful and indebted to you for your assistance. It is clear as a group you are quite capable. I only ask that you allow me to come along and, if the chance avails itself, to help me reclaim my true home. I know these mountains quite well, both outside and, well… entrances to the underground, though I have not dared often to venture in myself.”

Brogg walked forward, and his face seemed to brighten for the first time since Eenn fell. “You seem like a likeable sort. And we’re are certainly in need of someone with your skills, “ He put his arm around Bardryn’s shoulders which seemed to startle her. “I say we take her along!”

The group smiled at the affable Brogg’s brightening disposition and Sir Wil concurred with a “Why not?”

Brogg, patted the girl on the back with a hearty “Welcome to the group my lady!” which brought a chuckle from everyone buy Kyrr who was still his usual reserved scowly self in the back.

“So what can you tell us of those tieflings we encountered earlier?” Carra asked.

“Well, “ Bardryn responded her voice suddenly taking on a concerned note. “They normally do not
come this far up into the mountains. Clearly their purpose was made clear when they captured the young white dragon and attempted to drag it off the mountain, but the reason behind that, I do not know.”

“Have you ever heard the named ‘Varrus’ before?” Sir Wil asked

Bardryn seemed to think for a moment. “No that doesn’t sound like a name I have heard. Why do you ask?”

“The tiefling commanding the rest of the group mentioned the name before he spotted us and attacked.”

Bardryn pointed back the way they came, “There is icy tower at the base of the mountain path that you were following. It is known to us as ‘Ice Fang Keep’. The tower is a lookout over the mountain pass. It is partly built into a cliff face but it is believed that tunnels lead into the mountain within… My order has always warned against passing that way.”

“Your order?” Carra asked. “There are others?”

“There were others, “ Bardryn corrected quickly. “Now it is just me. But we cannot continue that direction. Anyone in that tower would easily see our approach down the step slopes a mile away.”

Sir Wil, “Then do you know another way?”

“I do, “ she said hesistantly, “There are but three ways off this mountain, down and through the pass guarded by Ice Fang Keep,” she turned pointing further up the mountain “Up and over the other side, which requires navigating steep cliffs of ice and deep crevasses or, “ she paused for a moment, “we attempt to go through.”

“Through, “ Sir Wil questioned with an arched eyebrow.

“Yes, through. As I said before I know of many cavern entrances on this mountain that go deep into the underground. I have not been able to explore them on my own but I am sure they must have multiple exits that would allow us passage off this mountain and, perhaps, “ she shrugged her shoulders with seeming innocence, “treasure?”

The rest of the group seemed to nod their assent at that idea, but Sir Wil looked askance at the dwarf and responded, “Treasure? Or perhaps clues to your family?”

Bardryn’s face darkened, “Well what does it matter, “ she huffed. Unless you care to scale cliffs of ice with your shiny fancy armor or go marching down and throw yourself against the walls of that keep, do you have some better idea?”

Sir Wil smiled, “Alright, alright. You got me there. Lead on!”

After a couple hours of trudging through deeper and deeper snow, Bardryn signals for the group to halt. She points up ahead to an ice encrusted cavern with icicles hanging down.

“This is it, “ she whispers pointing.

Sir Wil steels himself. “The lets go.”

Just as he stands up to to approach the cave entrance, 2 large fur clad two headed giants step out of the cave, seemingly arguing with each other in a four way argument.

The sun reflecting off Sir Wil’s armor grabs their attention and they immediately stop talking for a moment seemingly stunnded. The one head of one giant points and says, “Foooood!” And they charge.

Unexpected Guests

Carra acts first, charging around the large boulder and hitting one of the Tieflings holding down the White dragon. He crumples to the ground.

Next one of the Tieflings, drops his chain and charges against Sir Wil with his dagger raised, but he easily deflects it with his shield.

Kyrr, then follows the path that Carra took and gets in position to cast his Burning hands at the back group of Tieflings. He only hits one with the effect, but burns up two others in the blast as well as slightly wounding the White dragon. The one Tiefling he hits gets of a last second thrown dagger and misses.

Brogg, skirts around the back and charges the nearest standing Tiefling holding down one of the corners on the White dragon. It crumbles like a sack of potatoes beneath his war hammer.

Keena meanwhile aims her bow at the Tiefling that charged Sir Wil and easily drops it with a twang of her bow. She follows up with a move to be near Kyrr.

Dwyn moves up and with a twang of his sling attacks the Tiefling poacher. The stone hits the Tiefling in the head with the sound of a thunderclap! (CRIT! And 35 dmg!)

The Tiefling stumbles back from the blow before casting out his net towards Brogg. He nabs Brogg in the net and then shoots a shot from his hand crossbow and hits! He then slips around a nearby rock.

Sir Wil then charges ahead and tries to hit one of the Tiefling minions nearby with a strike of his longsword but misses.

One of the remaining Tieflings, seeing what the mage did to his friends, throws one of his daggers at Kyrr and strikes true.

The other Tieflings, while holding onto one of the chains keeping the dragon down, strikes at Sir Wil but can’t penetrate his armor.

Seizing on its chance, the white dragon rears up and breaks from the remaining chains holding it down. With a roar of hatred and it’s jaws free from it’s chains, its frost breath at the closes Tiefling which also catches Sir Wil in the blast.

Seeing the dragon is now a threat, Carra charges the best with her great Axe raised and brings it down hard on the beast striking a large gash in its side.

Kyrr now tries to use her leaded transformation spell on the Young white dragon and with a hit wounds it and slows it.

Keena decides to move to get the poacher in her sites and fires! The arrow flies true, and strikes deep in the poachers chest, dropping it dead.

Dwyn runs up and lets off another shot with his sling at the closest Tiefling. It strikes true as it goes down it returns the favor with a dagger which hits Dwyn in the leg.

The dragon rears up and stomps over Carra. Still slowed by Kyrr’s Leaden transformation it doesn’t get far and Carra easily dodges it’s claw attack.

With the white dragon being the only remaining threat, Sir Wil charges over and lashes out with a strike of his longsword at the beast. He hits and dazes it with his Holy Smite power.

The White dragon snaps back at Wil with it’s frosty jaws but he’s able to dodge out of the way.
It then shakes of the daze…

Carra shifts and attacks again with her Great Axe and hits again with a crushing blow.

Kyrr then follows up with a strike of his magic missle against the white dragon .

Brogg moves into position and lands a blow from his flaming warhammer.

Keena moves around the dragon and srikes out with a hit from her Skirmish shot.

Dwyn, dashes out of site behind a rock and handsprings his way onto the dragon’s back cutting deep with it’s sword.

Blood dripping from its back, the enraged dragon charges forward and slashes out at Brogg, Carra, and then Kyrr. All four combatants near the dragon hit true with their blades and hammers and Carra and Brogg manage to dodge out of the way, but Kyrr, perhaps not expecting a charging dragon at that moment, is toppled and raked by an attack from the beasts claw.

Sir Wil runs after the dragon and hits it’s hind side with a radiant strike from his longsword. It screams out and pain and begins flapping its wings as it rises into the air and attempts to escape!
It begins flying back up the mountain…

Carra, drops her axe and unslings her long bow as she’s running forward. She unleashes a shot at the dragon as it begins flying away and it strikes the beast in the hind leg.

Kyrr stands up and casts a bolt of energy from his staff, also hitting the dragon as it flies away.

Keena, dashes forward and with an expert flourish shots off an arrow from her bow and downs the beast!

As the adventurer’s congratulate Keena on her killing shot a voice comes from above them. Keena turns her bow in that direction and they see a short figure in furs with a white wolf striding next to her. The female dwarf raises her hand in greeting, “Hail dragonslayers. I mean you no harm. Please lower your weapons.” Keena looks dubious but lowers her bow, keeping an arror knocked, just in case. The dwarf makes her way down the steep slope towards the group.

Sir Wil steps forward with hand on his sheathed sword. “That is far enough dwarf.” She stops and speaks. “I heard the commotion of your battle from my home and came out to investigate. I’m sorry I didn’t reach you earlier but by the time I arrived it was clear you had things well under control. I think you for ridding these lands from that terrible beast and I’d like to offer you the hospitality of my home if you’d like to rest after your fierce battle.”

Sir Wil seemed to relax a bit. “Actually we’re just trying to make our way out of these mountains.” He stopped as if he were thinking “I don’t suppose you’d be able to direct us.”

For the first time, the dwarf smiled. “I’d be delighted! Perhaps you’d care to heal you wounds by my fire while I pack a few items and we can head out as soon as your rested and ready to go!”

Carra, walked up and asked of the Dwarf, “What is your name and what are you doing up here?”

“Why my name is Baradryn, and why I am here is a long story that, if you wish to hear it, I can relate to you as we walk if you’ll join me?” She waves her hand towards the direction of the slope she just came down.

Despite herself Carra smiled and looked at her friends. “We shall.” And the followed the dwarf, Baradryn up the slope…

Morning Dawns

As Morning dawns, the group breaks open the doors from the Winter Kings tomb, and are greeted but a burst of sunlight. The group, still heavy hearted at the death of their friend, being to trudge down the path down the mountain. After travelling a few hours, the path opens up into a clearing where they see a pack of Tieflings leading a large white dragon bound in chains down the Mountain. One of the tieflings, apparently the leader, is barking orders at the others. “Careful! Varrus, needs the beast unharmed!”. The other tieflings grumble as they pull hard on the chains, trying to coerce the dragon down the mountain.

Brogg and Sir Wil, attempt to duck back behind a rock but the Tiefling leader spots them.

“Well, well, who do we have here? Trophies, perhaps for Varrus?” He motions to some of his Tiefling underlings holding down the dragon. “Well what are you waiting for. Get them!”

The Winter King's demise

After the king drops, and Kyrr dones his crown, the group hears a rumbling from overhead. Looking up they can see the frozen ceiling cracking. It’s time to get out of here!

Carra shouts out, “Out through the way we came in! Those stairs must lead somewhere!”

The group begins to make their way towards the exit…

Kyrr runs towards the secret door and with his speed makes it to the secret door exit without being hit by any falling ice. Eenn was following close behind and was struck by a large chunk of falling ice, knocking him prone. He cast his healing word from the ground to heal his grevious wounds.

Keena is able to dodge the first piece of ice as she makes her way towards the exit and joins Kyrr on the other side dashing up the stairs to the exit.

Carra moves next and gets within 20 feet of the exit before a huge chunk lands on her and knocks her prone. Sir Wil, meanwhile sucessfully escapes followed close behind by Dwyn.

Last but not least Brogg makes his way towards the exit, one piece of ice manages to narrowly avoid him as he slips through the exit.

Carra, brushes herself off from her fall and easily slips her way out the remaining 20 feet to the exit.

Eenn strugles to get up and move towards the exit and immediately clobbered by another piece of ice and falls. Brogg stands at the exit and calls for his friend. “Come on Eenn. You can make it. RUN!”

Eenn move forward another 5 feet and is clobbered by another chunk of ice. He brushes himself off and move ahead. Brogg reaches out his hand as his friend gets closer, their fingers brush, and then suddenly the whole roof colapses and sends him flying back into the secret room. “NO!!!!”

Brogg scrambles ahead to find the passage blocked by chunks of ice. Sir Wil puts his hand on Brogg’s shoulder. “I’m sorry my friend.” Brogg starts sobbing. "That boy was my responsibility. I promised… " His voice cut off in choked sobs.

Sir Wil coaxed his companion to his feet and the party followed the stairs up to an iron door. Between Sir Wil and Carra they are able to push the door open and are met with a burst of cold air and snow.

Sir Wil turned back to the group, his eyes resting on the grieving warrior. “I think we should shelter here until the storm subsides. It looks like we’ll be hiking our way out of here.” Carra nods, and between the two of them they’re able to pull the doors closed again…

What awaits the adventurer’s next? How will they find their way out of frosty mountains? What will they encounter? Find out soon as the adventure moves on past the adventures of the rule books and develops organically as I test out various systems for generating encounters and story moving forward…

Uncrowning the Winter King

The huge and freezing cold chamger has high ceilings dripping with icicles like stalactites in a cave. Four massic and glittering ice chandeliers illuminate the room with heatless blue flames on hundreds of enmelting ice candles. On a high dais at one end stand a high backed throne on which sits a figure as still as death. Skeletal and silent, the Winter King is entombed in solid ice at least a foot thick. One hole pierces the cold coating; a slot over the right hand in which the ice scepter would easily fit. To add to the eeriness of the scene, you hear voices whispering, “Beware the wrath of the Winter King.”

Entering from the side of the chamber from the Royal chambers, the adventurers move foreward towards the dais. The figure sits frozen and unmoving.

“What do we do?” Keena asked to know one in particular.

Sir Will, Carra, and Kyrr are examining the statue while Dwyn and Eenn are wandering through the chamber.

“Well what did we come here for?” Brogg bellowed “If not to be done with this ‘winter king’ once and for all?!”

Brogg strides forward with his warhammer ready to bring it down on the frozen form of the Winter King. Carra, standing nearby shouts “NO!” and attempts to catch his raised arm. She grabs his arm and slows it just in time before it struck the form of the frozen King (Carra’s Athletics Roll 23 vs Brogg’s Athletic Roll 22. CLOSE!). “Lets not do anything rash here” Brogg shrugs and laughs, “Suit yourself little lady.” He walks away as Carra, Sir Wil and Kyrr continue to examine the Winter King.

Kyrr knocks on the icy form. “Hello in there?”. The head turns and looks at him scowling. “Who disturbs my rest?!” Kyrr, jumps back in astonishment.
The Icy form creaks as it works its way to stand up. “What are you doing here? You have come unbidden to my chambers!”

Sir Wil, standing toe to toe with the icy humanoid, responded, “We have come with your icy scepter to request that you lift your winter from the town of Fallcreat!” (Diplomacy 16 SUCCESS!)

The winter king bellows with laughter. “YOU stole my scepter! Kneel before me and return it to me now and I will spare you and your people further punsihment.”

Brogg barreled forward, “We kneel to none ice King!” (Intimidate 14. SUCCESS!)

He again laughs. “What gaul you have little man. But you do not want to anger me. Now my scepter…”

Sir Wil again responds, “As I said. We have your scepter, but in return for it we demand you cease your attacks on Fallcrest.” (Diplomacy 15. SUCCESS!)

“And as I told you, knight of the lowlands, I do not bargain. Return my scepter and I will consider your request.”

Carra steps forward with her axe raised, “And as my friend told you. WE do not bargain. You accept our terms or it will be your end.” She exchanges a glance with Brogg who grunts in acknoweldgment, forgiving her earlier confrontation with him. (Intimidate 22. SUCCESS!)

“It is clear that you have strength, " he responds grudingly, "But I also do not bargain. " He Raises himself to his full height. “Prepare to do battle!”

(Based on the successes of the group the Winter King does start the battle 50HP down…)

Seeing the Winter King winding up to strike, Keena dashes across in front of the throne and fires off her skirmish shot. The running must have thrown her off because the shot went flying wildly over his head (a natural 1!).

The winter king then charged off his dais in a rage, slamming Carra, Brogg, and Sir Wil. Carra was able to dodge out of the way but unfortunately Brogg was hit and Sir Will was hit very hard (CRIT!)

Carra charges forward, ready to take retribution on the winter king for her friends. She hits and cuts through some of the Winter King’s icy exterior.

Sir Wil follows up with an attack of his own, also connecting and wounding the Winter king and providing a boon (temp hp) to Brogg.

Dwynn quickly dashes up the stairs to approach the winter king from behind. He vaults into the Winter King with his Handspring assault, burying his blade deep into the back of the Winter King! (And then I roll 2 1’s and 2 2’s for dmg! :( )

Brogg now stands up and charges the Winter king with his Flaming Warhammer held high! Hi warhammer bursts with flame as he strikes down hard on the Winter king, melting through his armor and wounding him gravely.

Marko slinks forward now and stabs the winter king in the back wounding him.

Meanwhile, Kyrr moves back to where Marko had been standing and shoots out a slimey spray from his staff. Before their eyes they watch as the Winter king shrinks into a tiny toad.

Unfortunately, the effect does not last long as almost instantly the toad turns back into the Winter King once more, who looks more angry than he ever was before!

Eeen moves up and uses her daily power – Sacrificial Aegis – to give Sir Wil a glowing shield of health (+18 temp hp). He cashes in on his action point and uses Second Wind to heal up and still is able to get off an Avenging Light to wound the winter King.

Keena now drifts back and uses her Thunderstruck boar shot to attack the Winter King. Both shots hit and wounds him further, the icy rime cover his body sloughs off and reveal a heavily armored large man. (He is bloodied!)

Now the Winter King strikes back in Fury, charging through Carra, Brogg, Sir Wil, and Eeen. This time only Brogg and Sir Wil are able to avoid his furious charge. Both Carra and Eenn are hit and are knocked prone.

Carra charges forward to exact retribution but unfortunately misses. She spends an action point to use her second wind to heal up.

Sir Wil charges forward with his sword and sinks deep into the Winter’s king’s side (CRIT!).

Dwyn tries to sneak in a shot with his sling but misses.

Brogg moves up and slams down hard with his flaming warhammer wounding the Winter King gravely.
Marko, seeing that the adventurer’s are nowhere near him and distracted by the Winter King decides it’s now his chance to slip away. He runs towards the main doors of the Winter Kings throne room. He makes it halfway across the bridge on this turn.

Kyrr now moves up and attempts to cast Leaden Transformation on the Winter King but it has no effect (even after rerolling with Elven Accuracy. :( )

The Winter King now attempts to use his grip of winter to drop a chandelier on the group crowding around him. As it is a ranged attack, Carra, Brogg and Sir Wil all make opportunity attacks all hitting and hurting him further. He then drops a chandelier on top of the group in front of him, hitting Sir Wil and Eenn while Carra and Brogg were able to dodge. He then spends and action point to charge Keena with his slam attack. He hits and Keena who uses her Yield ground to move away.

Eenn, then stands up and attempts to break from from the icy chandelier that has her trapped but she is unsucessful, taking additional cold damage.

Next Keena, shifts further away from the Winter King and sinks her arrow deep in his flesh.

The Winter king continues to move further towards the door.

Sir Wil spends his turn standing up and breaking free from the restraints of the Ice Chandelier.

Next Dwyn, seeing the Winter King coming his way shifts into position for his Fleeting Spirit strike, and hits! (and rolls double 6’s!) and then continues moving past the Winter King to end up behind him.

Brogg, seeing the Winter King fleeing charges ahead and cuts him off. A swing of his flaming warhammer brings the King down!

Marko sucessfully navigates the bridge and flees the room…

When the winter king drops to the ground, his crown rolls off his head. Kyrr immediately recognizes its magical properties and places it on his elvish head. It fits!

What's for Dinner?

After resting up in the dogs pen, the adventurer’s exit the room at the nearest passage and enter a large dining area. From up some stairs exiting the dining area the adventurer’s hear the sound of clattering dishes and mumbling dwarven voices. Heading up to investigate, a tall thin human, appears to be ringing out his clothes but a large fire place while 3 dwarves scurry about the kitchen clearly searching for things. As the adventurer’s enter, they turn, and one of the dwarves points at Sir Wil. “He has the scepter! Why do you have the scepter?” The dwarves all squint at Sir Wil as their hands reach for their weapons. Sir Wil stand steal faced without speaking. The human turns to the dwarves. “Well what are you waiting for? Get the scepter!”

The enemies charged the adventurers and Ravidius managed to slide the parties two tanks into the refuse pit where the Oytugh hungrily attacked. Meanwhile the adventurer’s up top managed to quickly dispatch the 3 dwarven thugs and finally bring down Ravidius before assisting Sir Wil and Brogg against the Oytugh with great success.

After briefly resting and getting their companions out of the trash pit, the group moved on down the passage, discovering the royal quarters, where, upon searching they discovered a secret door which took them to a secret passage that led into a huge room with a large man sitting upon a throne, Frozen…

A Warm Welcome

The characters entered, approaching the table laden with food, their mouths watering.

“Who are you?” Sir Wil strode forward to ask the large man before them.

“Why the winter king of course! And you must be the ones we sent to return the scepter. You can give it to my servant Zanna. Once we have that business taken care of I hope you’l dine with me and tell me how the world has changed as I slept.”

Zanna appears to be standing by the wolves and nods almsot imperceptably.

Sir Wil, squints his eyes at the stranger. “I do not believe you are who you say. Where is the real king of this tomb?”.

The smiling stranger’s face changed to a scowl. “Very Well. We’ll do this the hard way!” The large man leaps onto what had appeared earlier as one of the hounds, but is now in fact apparent as a large dire wolf. “ATTACK!!!”

Before he the barbarian even moved, Dwyn stepped out and fired two shots from his sling directly at his asistant, hitting her right in the head with his second shot, completely catching her by suprise.

The unfettered wolf, comes around the other side of the table and lunges at Eenn who easily dodges away from the attack.

Carra charged at Eenn’s new adversary with her axe held high and brings down a resounding smash on its head.

Marko scurried in and fearfully poked at the wolf, causing it to bleed.

Then Brogg ran around the left side of the table charging down the barbarian’s assistant, knocking her backwards as Brogg moved into position to take on the now mounted foe, setting her on fire with a surge of his firey warhammer.

The Barbarian lets out a war cry as the Dire Wolf launches itself at Brogg, knocking him prone and tearing furiously at him. The barbarian crashes down on the prone Brogg with his war axe bloodieing him.

Sir will rushes forward to help Brogg and bright shining light shines from his raised sword to envelope him. He brings the sword down on Bortek the Barbarian and wounds him.

Kyrr runs up and jumps utop the table and fire bursts forth from his staff, engulfing Bortek, the Dire wolf and gnome.

The gnome then suddenly vanishes and then re-appears… times 3… by the far door.
“You will never catch me!” all 3 images yell back at the adventurer’s shaking their collective fists!!! It seems clear he plans to escape through that door.

Kyrr yells back at the group, “Get her before she gets away!”
Keena moves up behind him and lets loose an arrow towards the 3 images of the gnome. Her arrow struck the gnome in her throat. He eyes popped open in suprise, and the two other gnome images shimmered, and then dissapeared as she dropped face forward to the ground.

Keena then pivoted to her right and let out another 2 shots at the wolf attacking her friends. Both struck the wolf with such force it staggered backwards…

Eenn shot at the staggering wolf with his spear of the inquisitor, locking the wolf down where it stands…

Dwyn, now moves towards the locked down wolf and fires off his sling, missing to the right.

The wolf on its turn just growls fiercely where it stands, unable to move towards its attackers.

Carra charges, leaping up on the table and bringing her axe down on the wolfs head… losing her balance slightly on the rocky table and just missing her attack.

Marko, feeling emboldended that the wolf can’t move, sneaks forward and slashes at it with his sword slightly bloodieing it’s paw.

Brogg manages to get himself back up and attacks back at the barbarian… and breaks through his armor easily with a slash of his sword.

The dire wolf and Bortek strike back at Brogg. Brogg side steps the wolfs attack but gets hit by the great axe of Bortek wounding him. But both are stunned by a burst of white light eminating from Sir Wil burning them both.

With his enemies attention now on him, Sir Wil slashes out with his long sword wounding Bortek the Barbarian.

A bust of ice flies out from Kyrr’s staff but somehow hits the ceiling instead of the wolf target he had in mind.

Seeing her companions have the other wolf under control now, Keena jumps over the table and attempts to help out her warrior against the raging barbabarian. She fires an arrow after her move and hits Bortek… the arrow sinks deep into his chest and blood comes splashing out. Enraged, Bortek lashes out with a great swing of his great axe at his closest enemies… He catches Brogg with the full force of his blow sending him flying back into the wall and off his feet. Sir Wil was able to dodge the attack.

Seeing his companion so severly wounded Eenn quickly moves to assist, casting his healing word on Brogg and following up with his Avenging light on Bortek.

Dwyn dashes forward to try and get behind Bortek and his wolf and strikes at the wolf with his short sword but can’t quite penetrate it’s thick fur.

The wounded wolf now strikes at Carra, but its jaws don’t penetrate her plate armor.

Carra strikes back but again slips on something greasy on the table and her attack misses the wolf wide. Frustrated Carra jumps down from the table in hopes of lining up a better attack next time.

Marko tries to slip in from the other side but his short sword does not penetrate the wolfs fur.

Brogg stands up and shakes out cobwebs, but gets his second wind and charges back at Bortek with his flaming warhammer… and hits!

Bortek and his wolf turn their attention to the Paladin now and attack but his armor and shield are able to turn away both their attacks.

With his strike of hope and holy smite, Sir Wil strikes back and again wounds Bortek while helping his Ally Brogg.

He follows up that attack with a Valiant Strike and hits Bortek again.

Kyrr now tries to use his Leaden Transformation on the wolf, but once again misses… even after using Elven Accuracy. GRRR!!!

Keena now takes careful aim and strikes Bortek clear in the chest with a strike from her bow.

Eenn tries to use his lance of Faith on Bortek but misses.

Dwyn strikes against Bortek’s riding wolf with his torturous strike and CRITS! The wolf is now badly bloodied.

Speaking of bloodied wolves, the other wolf turns on Marko who recently wounded its paw and snaps at him with his jaws, but Marko dodges and distracts the wolf into attack Carra instead! The wolfs jaws clamp down on Carra but can’t penetrate her magical armor.

Carra strikes back with her axe and this time wounds the wolf.

Marko pokes again at the wolfs paw with his short sword, but the wolf expecting it turns on him and leaps… directly onto Marko’s sword, it’s twitching dead body pinning him to the ground.

Brogg now attacks Bortek again with his warhammer but misses.

Ignoring him, he and his wolf again attack Sir Wil, both missing him completely.

Sir Wil’s strike of hope, on the other hand, strikes true wounding Bortek.

Kyrr uses his magic missle which unerringly strikes Bortek.

Keena, following up with a shot of her own, finally drop Bortek from his perch.

Eenn now works on the wolf with his lance of faith but misses yet again.

Dwyn tries his daily handspring attack but of course misses…
He shifts away.

Carra charges forward to take the spot that Dwyn vacated and hammers down with her great axe with an extremely powerful blow, smashing the spine of the Dire wolf and dropping it once and for all.

After examining the rest of the room, the group is able to descern that the safest place to rest is the dog pen and the adventurer’s rest up to heal and recover.

Sailing Stormy Skies

The characters board the ship and the figurehead intones – “Set to the oars, and I shall pilot our course through the storm.” The party gets on the oars and begin to row, the skyship rises into the sky heading North towards the mountains. As they pull, the ship glides through the air like an arrow shot from a bow. Each stroke is like pulling through heavy water but the ship glides smoothly through the air. The view of teh ground below quickly becomes onscurred by clouds as the party rises higher and higher into the skiy. Through the freezing mist and wind, flashes of lighting fill the sky as the characters continue rowing. The ship begins to crust with ice and the fingers of the part become numb with cold. Without any indication of distance travelled or where they are going they continue to row as commanded by the figurehead.

Suddenly a frozen rope snaps and the figurehead shouts, “Set that sail. Secure the lines!” Sir Wil gets up from rowing and begins to climb the mast. He makes it to the top and shouts down to the party below. “Toss me the line!”
Dwyn pops up and nimbly grabs the slithering rope and deftly tosses it up to Wil who secures the line and hops down to pick up the oars. Dwyn winks and Sir Wil and even gets a slight grin from him as they get back to it.

They go on rowing for some time with no indident, when suddently a huge hail storm errupts around them. Sir Wil and Brogg lifted their shields to shield themselves but the others had to hunker down in their cloaks and hope for the best. Kyrr, Keena and Dwyn all get battered by large pieces of hail as does the figurehead. Kyrr tries to determine some way to revive the figurehead but is unsucessful. It eventually comes to itself but not before the party gets buffeted further by the hail.

As the ship rocks back and forth suddently the rope that Sir Wil and Dwyn had secured earlier snapped again. Sir Wil again jumped to climb up the mast and called down for the rope. Again Dwyn was able to grab the rope, and throw it up to Sir Wil. Both of them being certain this time to tie it down securely.

No sooner had he climbed down then another rope snapped. Swearing under his breath, Sir Wil began to climb the mast again, but halfway up slipped and landed with a thump on the deck. Dwyn, getting pelted below by the hail and wind just grumbled and shouted for him to try again.

Again Sir Wil slipped off the quickly icing mast and swore under his breath. One more attempt finally got him to each the top. He shouted down to Dwyn to toss him the rope.
Dwyn was just barely able to grab the rope as it too was icing up before throwing it up to Sir Wil.

The hail finally stopped and the ship climbed further through the cold mist. The cold got more and more intense as they rose further and further into the sky. Just when they thought they couldn’t take another moment of the freezing temperatures, the ship finally shuddered as it bumped into something solid and seemed to dock. “We have arrived,” the figurehead intoned, “It is time to return the scepter to its rightful owner.”

The character stepped off the ship into what appeared to be a valley surrounded by snow topped mountains. The air was still cold, but sheltered by the mountains it was more bearable than it was when they were riding the ship. A huge spike of ice rose before them filled with what appeared to be skulls.

Marko steps off the ship and seems to be in a stupor. “I can’t believe I’m back. It’s not possible. I thought it would take weeks to get here. I thought we’d die. But there it is.. .that horrible pillar of skulls and here I am. Maybe I never left. Maybe I’m delirious. Maybe I’m dead and my head is in that cairn. Could I go there now and see myself. If I climb up and look into the ice will my eyes be looking back at me?”

The Party look from one another with concern. Sir Wil, touches Marko’s shoulder and that seems to somewhat shake him from his revelry. “Oh… uh… yes. The cave entrance was this way. Follow me.”

He leads them to a cave set in the side of the mountain. He points and motions them forward. Brogg and Sir Wil lead the way and almost immediately encounter a pair of locked doors. Marko, following behind Dwyn and Carra says, “Those weren’t locked before.” Sir Wil glances back and then at Brog with concern. Brogg just shakes it off. Well we’re here… what are we waiting for. And with a sharging shoulder burst through the doors…

A wave of warm air bursts through the doors carrying with it the scents of rich food and wood smoke. The smells of roast goose, suckling pig, lemon tarts, and other foods you haven’t eaten since childhood linger around your head. Down the tunnel they see a room glittering with candlelight around a table laden with plates of food and goblets of drinks. Beyond it a bearded man dressed in furs sits with a demure young woman at a table by the fire. Two hunting hounds lie at their feet lazily looking in the partiers direction.

The man lifts his head at the cold air now bursting through the entrance way. He sees the adventurer’s and smiles. “Come in, friends” he says. “And close the doors behind you against that cold. Sit, eat, and rest after your long journey.”

The slinking theif...

After the party defeats the invading undead, the players approach the ship. When they get close, the masthead speaks: “Return the ice scepter to the grap of the Winter King, or this shall be a forever winter, and the cold and dead shall feast upon the warm and living.”
Sir Wil approaches the figurehead and it turns to him and speaks directly to him – “Do you carry the ice scepter of the Winter King!”
Sir Wil boldly challenges the ship, "Leave her now or… "
Before he finishes the sentence a blast of lighting shoots from the figurehead’s mouth and strikes Sir Wil sending him flying backwards. The returning crowd collectively gasps. Dwyn strides confidently up as Sir Wil picks himself up of the ground somewhat dazed from the unexpected attack. As if the figurehead hadn’t noticed him before it asks again to Dwyn “Do You carry the Ice scepter of the Winter King?” Dwyn does not hesitate, “Why of course we do, you silly talking ship.”
“Then you may board, " it speaks back. Dwyn turns back to the group and specifically at Sir Wil. “You see… that’s how this is done.” Sir Wil scowls back at the “clever” hafling as he brushes himself off.
“We’ll see, " he gruffly retorts, and stomps off away from the ship.
The party decides to question the nearby citizens to try to find out more. From what they can gather, this Winter kind was a human warlord who once ruled over the Barbarian tribes of the north. He is called the Winter king because his conquests occured during a particuarly harsh winter. Because of the advantages it provided him, he is said to have made a fey pact with a lord of great power known as the Prince of Frost. This prince of unknown origin, was apparently a trickster and twisted the kings wish to curse him so that everything he touched turned to ice. Amid the finest drink and food, the Winter King then starved and when he demanded that this lord of Frost remove the curse, he instead froze the king solid and entombed his fortress in ice. No one seems to know exactly what this ice scepter is but clearly it belonged to this Winter King.

As the party is questioning the people nearby for more information, the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, Faren Markelhay, shouts for silence and stands upon a chair to address them.

“People of Fallcrest. My People! The terrible things we witnessed on this day were no accident. Clearly, someonehere in Fallcrest has stolen this Winter King’s scepter. But these adventurer’s who saved us from the monsters aboard that ship are not to blame. They came to us long after this winter descended upon us, and in fact just in time to save us from further harm from these creatures. No, someone else has brought this doom upon us. You know who you are. Come forward now to enter my protection, or face the gallows!”

The party looks around. No one seems to be speaking up. Lord Falen looks angry. Suddently a citizen shouts from the crowd. “You. You there. Where are you running off to?” The group look to see who he’s shouting at and see a lithe half-elf attempting to slink away from the crowd. The mob descend upon him and pin him down as he twists and screams to be let go. They lift him up and drag him before Lord Markelhay.

“What do you know of this ice scepter” the lord demands.

“Ice scepter. Wha… I dunno what you are talk…” One of the mob holding him slaps him across the face. His eyes begin to tear and he breaks down.
“I didn’t know what it was. Honest. I’m just an innocent traveler and I… uh… found…” the man who stuck him before begins to lift his hand for another blow, “I mean took, yes took this item from a cave I had taken shelter in.”

Sir Wil, strode up the half-elf with an angered look on his face. Seeing the heavily armored warrior approaching him his eyes went wide, “Please… Please don’t hurt me. I… I didn’t know this would happen. Honest, I was just trying to get out of the storm and, well… I explored the cave a bit and found this scepter. It looked valuable. I had hoped to sell it and… and… well, I still have it. Please. Just take it. I don’t wish to be troubled by it any longer.” The mob let him go, and he dumped the contents of his pack on the ground. Out rolled a a regal looking scepter seemingly made of ice. Sapphires were set on it’s crown. Sir Wil picked up the scepter and immediately dropped it. "It’s cold to the touch. But… " He picked it up again. “Odd.” “The scepter is cold, but when I hold it I feel warmer then I have since we left Harkenwold.”
Sir Wil turned back to Marko who was slinking away from the group on his hands and knees. Sir Wil stopped him with a stomp of his boot on his back. Marco squeeled. “Please… Please… I gave you the sceptre. Just please let me go.”
“Not a chance.” Sir Wil responded." You brought this curse upon Fallcrest and you will help us make it right!"
Marko’s eyes went wide. Seeing Sir Wil understood his meaning, he smiled for the first time that the rest of the part remembered. “That’s right. You’re coming with us. Like it or not…”. Marko’s eyes fluttered and he passed out. Shaking his head Sir Will picked up Marko like he was a sack of flour and slung him over his shoulder.
“He then turned to the Warden, “We will lift this curse from Fallcrest and the Vale. You have my word.”
The other members of the party nod their ascent.
“Thank you brave Sir, " the warden responded, “Fallcrest will be forever in your debt if you can accomplsh this great feat for us.” The collective crowd murmured their agreement. Sir Wil just nodded grimly at the Lord and turned with Marko slung on his shoulder toward the ship to return the scepter to the Winter King…

Sky Raiders

I decided to record this battle attack by attack and copy the contents here. Below is how it unfolded round by round.

Kyrr rushes to the front and casts his burning hands spell. He’s able to burn up 2 decrepit skeletons and a zombie shambler and also wound a Flesh Crazed Zombie and Skeleton.

The skeleton that Kyrr burned charges Kyrr but in it’s rage misses him completely.

One of the decrepit skeletons maneuvers around a tent, and seeing a hafling hudled inside stabs it through with it’s longsword

Another skeleton charges Kyrr and this one strikes deep with it’s longsword, injuring Kyrr bady.

Dwyn, scrambles forth and seeing the mage in trouble charges around the first skeleton that charged and comes at him from behind wounding the skeleton with a strike of his short sword.

A Flesh-crazed zombie comes charging at Brogg and hits him hard over the head with his raised club.

Carra goes to help the mage and charges with her axe, hitting the Skeleton hard, bloodieing him badly.

A zombie shambler ran forward at the first creature it saw which just happened to be Dwyn. It slams him with the full force of it’s body and injures Dwyn.

A decrepit skeleton shuffles forward and strikes Sir Will with its short sword.

Brogg strikes back against the Flesh-crazed zombie with his flaming warhammer and hits it with a powerful blow, badly injuring it.

Eenn moves forward to help the mage and Carra and hits the closest skeleton with his Lance of Faith. The skeleton is barely clinging to life.

Keena enter’s the fight, setting her quarry on the Flesh-crazed zombie attacking Brogg and carefully aims her bow and fires. She hits, bloodieing the creature.

Another zombie shambler lumbers up to Dwyn but he deftly avoids its attack.

A zombie shambler charges up to attack Sir Wil but he can’t make it through his plate armor with its slam.

The other Flesh-crazed zombie charges at Carra and brings his club down hard but her magic armor shrugs off the attack.

A decrepit skeleton pops out from behind one of the tents and lines up a shot with its shortbow, attacking Sir Wil. He raises his heavy shield at the last moment and the arrow embeds itself in his shield.

Another decrepit skeleton tries to hit Sir Wil while he’s distracted but the arrow misfires and doesn’t even leave the skeletons bow.

The last skeleton leaps off the boat and charges right at Kyrr, He swings at Kyrr, cutting right through his cloth robe and bloodieing him.

Sir Wil strikes against the zombie shambler to his left and cleaves straight through it’s rotting flesh dropping it dead.

Kyrr burns with fire and sends out a wave of flame at all enemies surrounding him, destroying the wounded skeleton, a zombie shambler, and injuring another skeleton and the flesh-crazed zombie who still burn with fire. Afterwards, he does an expeditious retreat to take his wounded self far from the front lines.

The decrepit skeleton who earlier killed the hiding hafling charges ahead and attacks Sir Wil injuring him.

One of the skeleton, who had been attacking Kyrr, now finds the closest foe to it which happened to be Dwyn and strikes. Dwyn ducks under its sword swing and is safe.

Dwyn then shifts into position to attack the Flesh-crazed zombie from behind using his Fleeting strike, but can’t pierce it’s thick flesh with his short sword.

Meanwhile, the other Flesh-crazed zombie tries to bite through Brogg’s armor with it’s yellow teeth… Brogg’s armor stops the teeth from penetrating to his skin.

Carra goes to strike the other Flesh-crazed zombie with her axe but trips in the snow and the axe falls far off to the side of the creature she was attacking.

A nearby zombie shambler attempts to take advantage of Carra’s position and dashes forward to slam her with its body. Again her armor protect her from any sort of hurt from the creature’s attack.

The decrepit skeleton attacking Sir Wil manages to find a weak spot in his armor and pierce his skin with it’s long sword attack.

Brogg again brings down his flaming war hammer on the Flesh-crazed zombie before him injuring it gravely.

Eenn meanwhile tries to hit another skeleton with his lance of faith but misses far to the left.

Keena quickly fires two arrows, one each at the two skeletons attacking Sir Will and slays them both!
She moves up directly behind Sir Will.

A shambling zombie runs up and throws it body against Sir Wil but the heavily plated knight shurgs off the attack.

Next, the burning Flesh-crazed Zombie attacks Carra with it’s bite but it’s fangs also cannot pierce the heavy magical plate she is wearing.

One of the decrepit skeletons who fired an arrow at Sir Wil earlier charges ahead with its long sword but it bounces harmlessly off his shield.

The other skeleton continues firing with it’s bow but misses Sir Wil completely with it’s shot.

The skeleton that jumped off the boat last turn comes up behind Carra and attack with it’s longsword but he two has no luck getting through her heavy plate.

Sir Wil now strikes back against the skeleton that recently charged him and it goes down quickly in a pile of bones.

Kyrr, feeling safe again runs forward and fires a freezing splash from his staff directly on the zombie shambler near Carra. Suprisingly the shambler dodges out of the way but the unsuspecting skeletons, and sadly his ally Carra all get hit by the splash of ice, sliding them all out from the blast.

One of the skeletons charges ahead at the injured Carra and strikes with his longsword, and hits true, marking Carra till the end of it’s next turn.

Dwyn now shifts around the Flesh-crazed zombie and attempts a torturous strike. A hit! The Flesh-crazed zombie is bloodied.

The other flesh-crazed zombie again tries to chomp down on Brogg and this time sucessfully penetrates his armor. It’s infected teeth cause Brogg to be dazed as well as drawing a lot of blood.

Meanwhile, Carra brings her life-drinking Great Axe down on the head of the Flesh-crazed zombie she is battling and this time sucessfully manages to slay it! She shifts to engage the remaining two skeletons.

The last remaining zombie shambler moves to attack it’s closest target which is Dwyn. It slams its meaty fists into his chest to the sound of cracking ribs.

Brogg, in a daze from the zombie bite has just enough sense in him to bring his flaming war hammer down on its head and put it down once and for all!

Eenn attempts another Lance of Faith strike at the closest skeleton and this time manages a critical strike hurting it badly. As a minor action he also uses his healing word on his nearby ally Kyrr.

Keena notches an arrow, sets her quarry on the nearest shambling zombie and fires, dropping the zombie where it stands.

The last remaining decrepit skeleton switches targets to Sir Wil and embeds a strike from it’s short bow through a joint in his armor.

One of the skeletons near Carra makes an attack and misses!

In a rage now, Sir Wil charges the skeleton that injured him and smashes it to smithereens with a strike of his long sword. He then moves into position to flank Carra’s foe.

With the battle almost won, Kyrr now plays it safe and lets loose a bolt of energy from his staff which uneeringly strikes the remaining shambling zombie and drops it in a heap on the ground.

The now flanked skeleton, launches a savage strike with his longsword at his marked foe and critically hits Carra, bloodieing her.

From a distance now, Dwyn attempts a shot with his new sling, but his recent lack of practice with the weapon shows as the stone gets tangled up in the webbing and it goes nowhere…

Carra strikes back at the skeleton that recently savaged her and absolutely blows the thing to pieces with a crash of her axe upon it’s body…

Brogg comes back to help with the last skeleton standing and charges in a flanking position against it. A hit with his fire hammer finally bloodies the creature.

Eenn tries to follow up with another lance of faith strike and JUST misses the skeleton.

Keena dashes forward and with a war cry of “Lets finish this, “ unleashes a powerful skirmish shot. CRITICAL HIT! The Skeleton explodes in a shower of bones and decaying pieces of armor…

The battle is won!


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