Trial of the Seven

What's for dinner

After dealing with the Ettin’s, they party enters the cave and searches through the filth and find 140 gold pieces and what Kyrr identifies as a Foe-Seeking longbow which Keena turns over in her hands with loving care, despite the fact that it was buried in a pile of Ettin dung.

Searching the cave also reveals a vertical passage that leads straight down. It was much too small for the Ettin’s to fit through, but any medium sized humanoid or smaller can easily fit through. Shining their light rods into the call reveals that it slops down at a precipitous 80 degree angle and it’s impossible to see the bottom from this vantage.

Carra begins pulling the rope out of her backpack.

Kyrr looks skeptical, “What are you doing? You aren’t planning on shimmying down that hole are you?”
Carra looks a the rest of the group, “Anyone have any better idea?”

Sir Wil shakes his head. “She’s right. We’re commited to finding a passage through the mountain and unless Bardryn knows of another entrance.. “ he pauses looking at Bardryn who looks down shaking her head, “then this is it. Dwyn, get out your pitons and hammer. We’re going to need to anchor the rope up here for the last person down.”

They work together to get the rope secured and look from one to another. Carra speaks first, “I’ll go.”

Brogg puts his hand in front of her and in a chivalrous gesture says, “Let me.” Carra shrugs and waves the affable warrior forward and he starts to make his way down on the rope.

They begin to make their way down the rope, Brogg leading with Carra right behind him. Sir Wil is next, the Dwyn Kyrr, Keena and finally Bardryn who says he’ll bring up the rear so he can help lower his companion down on a rope after everyone else has made it down.

They start making their way down when suddenly Kyrr loses his grip on the rope and starts to fall (Rolled 1), he makes a desperate grab for the rope and is able to hold on (natural 20)

Holding on for dear life he takes a couple deep breaths before signaling the rest of the group to continue.

As they continue to move down, Keena gets on the rope and like Kyrr before her loses grip on the rope that has gotten slick from the moist cave walls. Unfortunately, this time she cannot hold on and starts sliding down the shoot towards the next person on the rope. Kyrr hears that Keena is falling and holds on tight to the rope… but knocks Kyrr off the rope as well. Dwyn has one last chance to stop the whole group from falling… but fails and with a clatter and screaming they all slide out of the shoot.

(I’ve decided, that the rough walls of the shoot do enough cutting and scratching to do 1d4 dmg for every 20 feet slid or so. Not a lot of damage but just a little bit to soften them up for what’s next)

Expecting to fall upon the hard cavern floor Brogg finds himself flung out of the chute straight into what feels to be sticky spider web. His companions fall out of the chute shortly after to all land prone stuck in spider web. All around them they hear clicking and clattering as what ever is about them in the darkness has heard the dinner bell rung.



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