Trial of the Seven

Tavern Brawl

The adventurer’s met with Dar Gremath at Ilyana’s suggestion. He told them about the Iron Circle led by Nazin Redthorn. He suggests that the best course of action would be to draw Redthorn out of his keep and the best way of doing that is harassing his operations in the area. The adventurer’s agree and decide to start by heading to the local tavern where, word had it, some of the Ircn Circle brigands were currently resting their heals with drinks. Upon entering the Mallard Inn one of the Brigand’s looks up from his drink and stands up and greets the adventurer’s. “Who do you think you are. No one is allowed to carry arms besides us here in this village. Drop those weapons immediately!”

Carra, with a sideways glance at Brogg and a grin retorted, “That’s not going to happen.”

The other patrons in the bar scooted back from their tables as a number of armored opponents joined the one brigand who now had an evil sneer on his face. “Have it your way. Attack!”

Before he even finished his sentence, Kyrr cast a cloud of dust in his direction. The brigand shook his head as if he were dazed and charged forward groggily towards the group. Meanwhile Carra had drawn her Axe and with a two-handed downward smash cleaved the nearest rabble clean in half. Breya, squeezed forward and took down another with a flashing strike of her weapon and as her foe went down beams of light shown out from her mace and seemed to revitalize her allies. Dwynn snuck forward behind the Brigand who had spoken up earlier and sunk his short sword hilt deep into his back. With a suprised grunt, his enemy spun around grabbing for the source of his demise in his back before dropping to the ground twitching. Out of the corner of her eye Carra caught sight of Keena slipping into the tavern, leaping over tables as she let loose an arrow. The arror flew straight and true, catching the other brigand through the throat and he dropped with a gurgle, clutching as his throat.

Before the other rabble could respond, one was struck forcefully from one of Kyrr’s Magic Missle flashing out from his raised staff, and the other was flattened with a strike of Breya’s flailing mace.

Eenn silently smiles from the doorway at the rest of the adventurer’s as they all let out sighs of relief. Eenn’s smile quickly turns to horror as he is caught from behind with a sword strike from a lurking cuthroat. He stumbles away from the attack as Keena springs to action running across the tavern floor looking for the new combatant. She spots the cuthroat threw the doorway and unleashes an arror. The arrow flies wide and stick into the wall of the tavern. Kyrr, moves into position and a bolt of white lights shoots out of his staff and unerringly strikes it’s target. From behind the first cutthroat sprang a second who tried a quick feint on Brogg before swooping in. Brogg did not fall for the feint but a quick slash of the brigand’s blade cut deep through a weekspot in his armor and he stumbled against the table behind him. Before he can recover the first cuthroat rushes in behind his partner and stabs deep into the weak spot under his shoulder. Brogg grunts in pain as blood gushes from his wounds.

Breaya quickly chants out words of healing and Brogg seems to immediately regain his composure, while Breta follows up with a smash of her mace and knocks the wind out of the closest cuthroat with the sound of cracking ribs. Keens unleashes another arrow at the initial cuthroat and this time her arrow sinks deep into her enemies’ chest. Meanwhile, Carra and Dwynn have snuck out the back and are circling the tavern to attempt a flanking move on their enemies.

A third cuthroat came rushing through the doorway and attempted a move on Brogg but he quickly dodged while striking with his lucksword at the closest rogue, slicing through it’s abdomen. The cuthroat immediately dropped and while the second cutthroat moved on Brogg Keena, with a twang of her bow, and Breya with her mace brought him down. Seven on 1 now…

Kyrr immediately strikes with a blast of his magic missle and hits his opponent square in his back. The last cutthroat, realizing he is heavily out manned attempts a feint and strikes at Brogg who is now blocking the door. His strike goes wide as Breya’s mace grazes his left arm. From seemingly thin air Dwynn suddenly re-appears and stabs deep with his short sword, bringing the last cuththroat to his knees. With a swift shot from Keen the battle was over…



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