Trial of the Seven

Spiders, why did it have to be Spiders?

DM NOTE: At the start of this encounter, since the players managed to fall into the web, I’m going to decide to place them all prone on the map and immobolized till save which results in them immediately getting up from Prone. Once they can move, they will be slowed while they are in the webs and the webs are considered difficult terrain.

A spiderling skitters into the center of the web where it finds a prone and immobolized target – Carra, which it attempts to Bite but doesn’t break through her armor.

Keena attempts to riggle free of the sticky webs and is sucessful as is Dwyn.

Baradryn, seeing her new friends fall immediately begins lowering a whimpering Barg down the hole.

Another small spider scurries to an immobolized target, Kyrr this time, but can’t bite through his thick woolen robes. Kyrr manages to quickly wriggle free of the webs and stand up as does Brogg nearby.

Another spiderling scurries up the web and attempts to bite Sir Wil and manages to find a chink in his armor to sing it’s fangs into, injecting it’s poison. The weak poison doesn’t seem to effect Sir Wil, but a build up of the poison (ie. Another bite) might.

Carra and Sir Wil both manage to wriggle their way of the sticky webs and stand up.

Another spiderling runs up the web and attacks Carra and hits, with similar effect to Sir Wil earlier.

Another spiderling comes up to attack Brogg but can’t get through his armor.

Suddenly, from the other side of the Cavern, by the light of Dwyn’s sunrod that dropped with them and hung in the webs nearby, emerges a Large spider clittering and clattering and skittering towards them. It climbs up the web and seems to be making its way towards either Keena or Kyrr…

The first spiderling again tries to attack Carra but again is unsucessful getting through her thick plate.

Keena attempts to take a step back while one of the Spiderlings in the web attacking Carra, who is much more agile in this enviroment strikes out to bite Keena. But does not penetrate her hide armor. She in turns shoots an arrow at the very same spider and slays it.

Dwyn moves deftly in the web and strikes at the spiderling near him with his short sword and slays it.

Bardryn meanwhile continues lowering his whimpering wolf down the narrow tunnel, managing another 15 feet this round.

The spiderling near Kyrr this time manages to get it’s fangs through his wool robes and inject it’s poison.

Kyrr manages to get a bolt of arcane energy off with his ice scepter but not before the spider is able to bit him again before it burns up in his arcane bolt.

Brogg now attacks the spiderling that was trying to bite him before and manages to hit and kill it with a smashing blow from his flamehammer.

Another spiderling skitters up the web and attacks Kyrr with more poison (he is now bloodied).

Carra moves up to take on the lurking large spider, taking an attack from the spiderling which luckily misses. She crashes down on the large spider with her great axe and hits with a powerful strike. (25 dmg).

Sir Wil meanwhile moves through the sticky webs to try and take care of the other spiderling that was attacking Carra and manages to kill it with a Valiant strike and grant a boon to Kyrr (+5 tmp hp).

The large spider, enraged at Carra now for wounding it strikes out with it’s mandibles but can’t quite get a grip on her slippery plate armor.

Keena lines up a Thunderstruck boar strike with two shots of her bow. Both hit (19 and 20) knocking the spider back (and bloodieing it.) The spider shoots out webbing from it’s hind body while it skitters away.

Dwyn struggles through the web to try and cut off the large spider. While Bardryn works on lowering Barg further into the cavern.

Kyrr deals with the last spiderling but not before it gets one more bite on him with it’s poisoned fangs.
He then moves towards the giant cave spider.

Brogg manages to charge out of the webs and ignites his warhammer with flame bringing it down on the spider who squeels and scurries to get away from this new unwanted threat.

Carra also manages to break out of the web and charge the spider as well landing a well placed strike of her axe on it’s backside

Sir wil now charges forward with his longsword ready to finish the beast off… and with a downward strike of his sword through the spider’s swollen abdomen he does so.



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