Trial of the Seven

Pit Battle

Dwyn attempts a sneak attack on the nearest guard and he drops to the ground with a sword in his back. At the other end of the pit the orc sitting on the throne, sees this, stands up and shouts. All the orcs turn to see their companion crumpled to ground with a little hafling standing over him. Dwyn shrugs his shoulders with a little oops… and suddenly the other orc guard beside him goes down with a slavering wolf utop it ripping out it’s throat.

The gladiator’s face turns to anger and he shouts… “PUT THEM IN THE PIT!!!!”

Dwyn dashes forward and attacks the closest orc drudge around the right side of the pit and it goes down.

One of the Orc Savages from the other side of the pit moves around into position and tosses an axe at Dwyn but it goes wide.

Sir Wil moves into the room and approaches one of the orc savages…

Kyrr moves up and a ball of fire shoots out from his raised scepter and kills 2 savages and a Drudge, and wounds an archer standing in the back.

Brogg moves up into the room.

Carra runs up and with a shot of her bow takes a shot at the closest orc savage but misses.

The wounded archer takes a shot back at Kyrr and hits, knocking him back a square.

Pressing the advantage against the mage, the large orc that was sitting on the chair, charges forward and attacks, bloodieing Kyrr. He follows up (action point) with a booming shout that echoes off the walls, knocking Kyrr unconcious, and bouncing Dwyn closer to the pit.

One of the savages charges Sir Wil and attempts to knock him into the pit but he stands firm.

Bardryn runs up and first heals Kyrr and then uses his sling against the large orc Gladiator wounding him.

Below, the wounded owlbear finishes off the last orc it was fighting and looks up at the new combatants in anger…

Keena finally charges ahead and leads of with a skirmish shot against the orc Gladiator wounding him.

The other orc archer hits Sir Wil and knocks him back.

The last remaining orc drudge charges Sir Wil with his club raised, and crits!

Bardryn’s wolf attacks the very same Drudge and murders it!

Dwyn sneaks around the gladiator and with his Duelist’s demand hits and wounds him.

Next Sir Wil acts and with his action point uses his second wind before attacking the Savage in front of him.

Kyrr now stands up and backs up before shooting off an energy bolt into the orc gladiator.

Next Sir Brogg moves up and takes on the gladiator toe to toe. With a strike of his flaming war hammer he wounds him badly.

Carra now moves up and with another shot of her bow tries to hit the unwounded orc archer and crits!

The other wounded archer takes a shot at Kyrr and pushes him towards the edge… but he luckily catches himself just before he goes down.

Harrash, the orc Gladiator, Booms out his name and the thunderous call knocking Kyrr unconcious and then over the edge of the pit where he falls twenty feet to land on his head making a sickening crack.
He also hits Bardryn but he catches himself before going over.

Bardryn stands up and charges with an attack of his scimitar but can’t get through the orc’s armor.

The owlbear charges up to the prone Kyrr, sniffs at him a couple time and then looks up again at the creatures fighting above him.

Keena tries her Thunderstruck boar strike but only hits with one of the shots, wounding Harrash.

The archer that Carra wounded, seeing her charging for him, takes a shot at her and hits, knocking her backwards with he power of the strike.

Bardryn’s wolf companion retaliates by charging the archer and CRITS, bloodieing the archer.

Meanwhile, Dwyn uses his Torturous strike on the gladiator and just find that chink in his armor to slide his blade through.

Sir Wil comes around the pit and charges Harrash, wounding him with his longsword.

Brogg now activates his hammerhands stand and hopes to push Harrash back towards the pit. A CRIT!
He stumbles back towards the pit with the angry owlbear… but doesn’t go over.

Carra meanwhile drops her bow, draws her greatsword and charges the archer that hit her earlier, dropping it with one great slash of her sword.

The remaining archer moves up and zeroes in on Sir Wil but the arrow bounces harmlessly off his armor.

In a fury, Hararsh strikes at Brogg with a blow of his Great axe and hits, lightning crackling around the strike.

Bardryn strikes at Harrash with a shot of his sling but misses. He then spends an action point and charges the archer with his scimitar and also misses him.

The owlbear looks up hungrily at the teetering Harrash above him…

Keena lines up a carefully aimed shot at Harrash… and well… misses.

Meanwhile Bardryn’s faithful wolf companion comes up behind his target and attempts to bit the archer but can’t get through it’s armor.

Dwyn meanwhile steps back and pulls out his sling to take a shot at Harrash but just misses over his head.

Sir Wil also attack Harrash but isn’t able to penetrate his armor.

Brogg turns his head and laughs and says, “This is how you do it!” and smashes down with his hammer, knocking Harrash prone as he saves himself from going over the edge.

Carra moves back around the pit and gets closer to the action.’

The orc archer, sorrounded and nowhere to go, pulls out his hand axe and attacks Bardryn. A CRIT!

Harrash, still immobolized attempts to swing at the feet of Brogg with his war axe but not suprisingly misses.

Bardryn activates his combined attack and he strikes true with his scimitar… sadly Barg is still unable to get through the armor of the orc, but nonetheless, the orc is bloodied.

Keena takes another shot against the prone Harrash but misses again.

Barg continues to gnaw on the leather boot of the orc archer but there is no penetrating the to the orc’s flesh.

Dwyn meanwhile turns his sling on the orc archer and hits!

Sir Wil, meanwhile, lights up his longsword with his holy smite and strikes! A hit!

Brogg nods in approval and takes another whack with his warhammer and hits again.

Carra meanwhile raises her axe and slams it down at the archer just hitting it…. and cleaving it in half!

Harrash, meanwhile, still dazed from Sir Wil’s attack stumbles to his feet.

But no sooner does he do so then Bardryn slips in with a stab of his scimitar and brings him down.

The adventurer’s look below them at the enraged owlbear and their fallen companion below. Carra looks at the others and pulls out her bow. They follow suit, and after some target practice against the enraged but doomed owlbear below they manage to lower Bardryn down into the pit who checks on Kyrr and looks up his his friends above and sadly shakes his head. Carra, ever the pragmatists, suggests gathering his spell book, ice crown, ice scepter and staff and they bring Bardryn back up with the loot. They also search the room and find on Harrash a pouch with a large flawless saphire (500gp) and a Foe Seeking Longbow and safewing amulet.



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