Trial of the Seven

Meeting the "Judge"

After the battle, Bardryn finishes lowering Barg the rest of the way into the cavern and then, apparently, decides to slide down the chute instead of use the rope. At least that’s what she told them when she got down, which of course no one believed. They searched through the web which seemed to contain all sorts of previous meals of the spiders and find 50sp in a pouch, along with a bunch of tattered and somewhat rusted equipment of their previous victims. The group deduces that the Ettin’s often dumped the remains of their victims or things they didn’t like down their garbage chute to the waiting spiders who were kept fat and happy while it lasted.

It appears there is only one exit from this cavern room, a downward sloping passage to the northwest.
After taking a short rest and fixing themselves up they decide to head on, Dwyn lighting the way with his sunrod.

The sloped passage ran another sixty feet before reaching a fork where the passage split in two. The right passage angles slightly upwards and is quiet, while the left passage continues it’s downward slope. They also hear the sound of voices drifting up the passage.

“I think we should go up, “ Carra says, “It would be a way out.”

“I don’t believe we’ve gone far enough yet,” suggested Bardryn.

“But clearly there is something down there… “ Sir Wil declared. “Might it not be best to try and avoid such trouble?”

Bardryn seemed to have no retort to that, so the adventurer’s headed up the slope. It went another eighty feet, however, before it ended in a collapsed passage.

“Looks like our choice is made for us, “ Sir Wil chimed. “Let us see just what awaits us down that passage. Quietly…”

The group went made their way back to the fork and slowly made their way down the cavern. The passage opens up into another large cavern, where they witness a green skinned humanoid, in a head dress hanging with skulls addressing other such beasts wearing tattered leather armor. Behind the leader, who is standing above the group on a makeshift dais, are two more of the humanoids, holding the chains to a large gray skinned beast holding a club.

The shaman in the center is mumbling words to the prostrate orcs before him when Brogg bumps up against the rock he’s hiding behind. The prostrate orc heads turn and the Shaman switches to speaking in the common tongue. “Ah, we have guests, “ Seeming unpreturbed, “Deal with them. But take them alive. Varrus will want them alive.”



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