Trial of the Seven

Four heads aren't better than one

Brogg runs up and then charges the closest Ettin from behind and with a crushing blow from his flaming war hammer wounds the Ettin who lets out a yelp as its flesh is burned (With power Strike rolled 10 + 10 + 6 =26 dmg!).

Meanwhile Dwyn sneaks around the back up Brogg and makes an attack with his sling knocking him on the head with a sling rock (17dmg which includes sneak attack damage for his First Strike Feat).

Bardryn steps out from behind a rock and attempts to hit the other Ettin with a sling attack of his own and hits (4 dmg).

Keena runs up and supports Bardryns shot with a Skirmish shot of her own but the arrow flies high over the Ettin’s heads (Used Knack for success plus Running attack bonus… and rolled a 2! :( )

The first Ettin, turns on Brogg and tries to smash him with his club. Brogg takes a ringing blow to the head. The Ettin then kicks Brogg away rumbles back inside the cave entrance.

Kyrr steps up with her new Ice Scepter and shoots out a bolt of energy at the second Ettin which is unerringly strikes directly in the chest. (8dmg)

The second Ettin now charges forth and attempts to smash his club down on Bardryn but Bardryn rolls out of the way just in time.

Carra maneuvers around the the second Ettin and comes in on with from his Flank with a charge attack with her Axe. She slams it hard into the side of the Ettin leaving a deep gash (Power Strike for 23 dmg).

Barg, Baradryn’s faithful wolf companion, seeing its master in trouble slinks around to flank the second Ettin and attacks with a snap of it’s jaws but they don’t penetrate the giants thick skin.

The Second calls out for help and the first Ettin now comes charging back out of the cave and attack Carra but misses with is club, so he kicks her instead sending her stumbling back with the Ettin close on her heels.

The Second Ettin, emboldened by his friend, attacks Bardryn again, but he ducks under the blow. The Ettin then kicks out with his foot on the wolf snapping at his heels and send it flying back to the tree behind him.

Sir Wil runs into battle, attempting to help Carra who is now turned on by the first Ettin. He approaches from his flank and stabs with his longsword at it’s back and with a heroic last minute move manages to slash its side (10dmg and used heroic effort).

Brogg charges back into the fray with his flaming warhammer and attempts to get the attention of the second Ettin who is now harassing his lightly armored allies. He hits with a Powerful strike and suceeds in getting the two headed giants attention on him (Powerstrike and 16dmg this time)

Dwyn now draws his short sword and charges ahead to attack the first Ettin but he slips in the snow and misses.

Bardryn now draws her curved bladed scimitar and slashes at the Ettin with a Tending strike, which hits wounding the Ettin and giving a boon to Brogg. (10 dmg and +3 tmp hp to Brogg and Ettin #2 is Bloodied)

Keena steps back and lets loose two arrows from her bow (Thunderstruck boar strike) hitting with the first but missing with the second but still manages to wound her quarry with a nice strike (10 dmg)

The first Ettin now turns to attack Sir Wil with its club but Sir Wil raises his shield just in time to deflect the blow. In the meantime, it kicks out with his foot and pushes Carra away.

Meanwhile Kyrr takes a step back and uses his Freezing Burst power cast from her Ice Scepter to attack both Ettins and with skill and aplomb manages to miss both of them.

Then the second Ettin takes a swing again at Brogg and connects with it club hardly hurting him at all (4 dmg, 3 of which came off Brogg’s tmp hp)

Carra recovers from the Ettin’s earlier kick and charges back in to attack from its flank, managing, with a last second heroic effort to keep herself from slipping in the snow to sink her axe deep into the back of the Ettin. (Heroic Effort + Power Strike – 20dmg and the other Ettin is now bloodied).

Bardryn’s wolf companion flanks the second Ettin again and this time manages to sink it’s fangs into the heel of the Ettin (10dmg).

The First Ettin, now dripping with blood and realizing it’s enemies are too powerful attempts to get past the adventurer’s blocking it’s path. First it tries to kick Dwyn out of the way and manages to do so. It then tries to move away from it’s flanking enemies but takes an attack from Carra (16dmg) and from Sir Wil (11 dmg) as it tries to escape. It then runs towards it’s cave to seek shelter.

The other Ettin, seeing it’s mate run away, does not seem to easily frightened and with a last ditch effort attempts to bat away its foes. First it kicks again at the wolf behind it but this time Bardryn’s companion is ready and easily dances to the side. Then he again swings his club at Brogg and misses completely due to his weakened condition (a natural 1!)

Sir Wil turns and chases down the fleeing Ettin and his sword flashes with the power of radiant magic (holy smite). He misses completely (another natural 1!) but still manages to burn the Ettin with the power of his holy magic. (4dmg)

Brogg now brings down a powerful strike of his hammer on the Ettin and wounds it gravely (25 dmg with heroic effort and power strike).

Dwyn moves to help Sir Wil finish off the first Ettin with a Deft Strike but sadly is unable to penetrate it’s thick skin with his short sword.

Bardryn meanwhile casts a quick healing word on Brogg and then calls his companion to attack with him to bring down the Ettin. Before his companion is even able to get its teeth through the skin of the Ettin, Baradryn brings him down with a deft slash of his blade.

Keena then runs up, taking careful aim on the fleeing Ettin and once again manages to bring it down with a killing strike of her arrow.



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