Trial of the Seven

Deeper into the Caverns

After the battle, the group congratulated each other on their success and met their new friends.

“I thank you warrior!” Karlak said approaching Brogg, “I am in all of your debt.”

Brogg put out a hand to Karlak’s large Mitt and shook it. “Glad to have your help in that battle!”

“I would join you if you would have me”, Karlak continued, “I have a Debt to pay to that Varrus. Expecting me to fight in that filthy arena of his!” He spits on the ground as Asha approaches the group.

“You have my thanks as well, and I offer my services to you as long as you will have me.” She nodded nobly at Sir Wil.

Sir Wil returns the nod. “Well I think here is a good place to rest. Let us pile up the bodies at the entrance to discourage any from disturbing our rest.” The group follow’s Sir Wil’s lead and then hunker down by the fire to rest.

Carra turns to Karlak, “Do you know much about this area?”

Karlak responds in a deep voice, “I was brought her blindfolded so I do not know much. I believe I was brought in through the passage you came from so I know know what exists down that passage there, “ he says pointing to the exiting passage.

Dwyn hopped up, “Well I’ll have a look!” Before anyone could stop him the energetic halfling skipped out the passage and returned just moments later. “Well well,” he said as he came back to the fire, “Looks like it’s back to climbing.” He told the group of the large cavern just twenty feet down the passage, “It ends in a bit of a… drop?”

Carra raised an eyebrow, “A bit of a drop?”

Dwyn smiled, “Only forty feet or so.”

Carra sighed, “Then best we rest up before continuing.”

They slept in the cavern, each taking turns at a watch but not encountering any creatures during the night. After they all finished resting they geared up and headed towards the exiting passageway. As Dwyn had noted, the passage went less than twenty feet before dropping off into a large cavern. They could hear the sound of dripping water echoing through the cavern but could not see much beyond their current location. They were able to see the bottom of the cavern from their vantage point so they unslung their rope and dropped it over the edge. Hammering in some pitons on top they all winced at the loud sound echoing through the cavern. Hoping there was nothing waiting for them below they lowered themselves down the wall one at a time. The climbing was easy with the rope and in moments they had all arrived at the bottom of the drop.

They had a better view of the cavern now. In the center appeared a rather large lake rimmed by mossy earth. Directly in front of them, Sir Wil saw what, at first, he thought was a large mushroom growing up from the cavern floor. Suddenly it moved on it’s own towards Sir Wil menancingly shrieking in fury!



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