Trial of the Seven

Deeper into the Cavern

After the battle, the party searches the bodies of it’s fallen foes but finds nothing of significant value.

They continue out the exiting passage and reach an intersection with four new possible choices. One passage leads to the right and travels a short way before apparently widening into a room. Directly ahead the passage continues, to the left one passage heads straight into the darkness, while to the left and apparently doubling back another passage turns a corner and seems to slope down. They explore the room to their right first which appears to be a storage room of sorts, where Dwyn finds a coil of rope to replace the one he left in the Ettin cave.

The double back and decide between the remaining three possible directions. They all agree doubling back in the downward slopping passage wouldn’t get them any closer to getting out of here. Baradryn suggests they go straight ahead and the party agrees. They follow the sloping passage down which descends deeper and deeper into the dungeon. As it rounds a corner, they hear what the sound of cheering mixed with the sounds of combat coming from not far beyond. Light is emanating from some source around the corner. Dwyn douses his sun rod and peaks around the corner.

Twenty feet away, the Cavern appears to open up into a large room, longer that it is wide. At the entrance are two more of the green brutes they saw earlier standing guard, but currently facing the other direction looking down into what appears from her to be a large opening in the floor. Torches like the walls as do more of these green skinned creatures all looking down cheering at something below. The sounds of battle appear to be coming from this pit in the floor. At the far end of the room Dwyn can see a larger armored brute sitting on in a high backed chair, apparently overseeing the events below.
With the guards attention focused on the action below Dwyn sneaks up with his sword and attacks!



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