Trial of the Seven

Court Battle

The Judge.
The Orc shaman, known as the ‘judge’ to his people, is holding ‘court’ for his followers. Behind him, two orcs hold down his body guard ogre he keeps the others in line. In the back are two archers who the party don’t see at first as they have concealment behind wooden palisades. The judge remains on his dais casting lightning strike until at least two characters are within 6 squares. At that point he’ll use his wolf spirit to attack as many creatures as he can and then retreats off the dais, commanding his body guards and it’s handlers to deal with the advancing intruders. The archers start firing as soon as the characters are within range.

Kyrr begins the battle, striding forward from the back of the ranks and with her ice scepter in hands casts flames from her outstretched hands, and roasts the kneeling dwarves and singes the shaman, who’s eyes pop open wide in horror!

Next Barg, Bardryn’s wolf companion charge forward and attempts to bite the one remaining kneeling orc, but it stands up and dodges out of the way at the last second.

Bardryn attempts to follow up on his companion’s missed attack with a strike of his own, but a shot from his sling bounces right off the orc’s leather armor.

Carra now charges ahead with her axe held high and brings it down on top of the shaman atop the dais, bloodieing him badly.

One of the orc’s holding the ogre’s chains, seeing “The judge” gravely injured, charges forward to attack Carra with his battle axe, but Carra is able to deflect the attack with her thick plate armor.

Brogg now charges the remaining Orc drudge with an attack of his warhammer and crushes it into the dirt.

The ogre, enraged that his master is being attacked charges forward with it’s club raised high and brings down an angry smash atop Carra and connects!

The shaman, gravely wounded chants a few words and summons out of the spirit world a frost wolf which appears and attemps to attack Carra, Bardryn’s wolf companion and Brogg. Carra is hit and knocked prone. The shaman then attemps to move back away from her.

Dwyn now jumps into the frey and attempts to attack the other Orc Reaver who hasn’t acted with a shot from his sling, trying to manuever the sling bullet around the large ogre, just managing to sneak the attack buy and hit the other reaver.

Suddenly an arrow seems to fly from out of nowhere to embed itself into Brogg’s shoulder knocking him sideways. He looks to his right and see that from behind a wooden barrier an orc with bow has popped up and is standing laughing at the injured Brogg.

The Reaver hit by Dwyn’s sling attack charges angrily towards him clobbering him with it’s battle axe. It then immediately takes a left turn and charges at Kyrr hitting him as well.

Keena now charges forward and with a skirmishing shot from her bow attempts to attack the Reaver who just injured her friends but as usual shoots wide. (For some reason I just cannot hit lately with that shot!). She then declares the reaver her quarry.

Another archers pops up from being a wooden palisade and fires a shot at Dwyn. It hits, knocking him back with a stream of blood shooting out from the wound (bloodied!).

Sir Wil at last charges forward with sword held high and attacks the reaver stabbing his blade right through it’s armor, and granting Dwyn a boon.

Kyrr now shifts back and shoots the reaver with a blast from her scepter, bloodieing it.

Bardryn’s companion leaps up onto the dais and attempts to bite the Reaver standing over Carra but again can’t get it’s fangs through it’s armor.

Bardryn charges ahead and calls for Barg to help him in another attack against the same reaver.
This time both are successful and they injure the reaver badly.

Carra stands up and attempts to follow up on their sucessful attack with one of her own but sadly misses.

The Reaver now turns it’s axe on Bardryn and hits. As it’s fellow before him, it follows up with a charge, this one on Brogg. In doing so, Carra, Bardryn and the wolf companion all attempt to strike at him, only Bardryn hits but critically, bloodieing the creature as it finishes it’s charge against Brogg, who deftly side steps the attack.

Brogg strikes back with his war hammer, wounding it gravely.

The Ogre meanwhile smashes down angrily with his club on Carra, but she easily dodges out of the way this time.

The shaman now turns and fires lightning from it’s finger tips at Carra bloodieing her and also hitting Bardryn beside her, he also continue’s to move further back.

Dwyn, meanwhile, sneaks up behind the Reaver that charged him earlier and attempts his Torturous strike on it from a flanking posistion and manages to wound him badly.

Meanwhile, one of the archers line up another shot on Brogg and gets him in the gut this time, bloodieing him.

The nearby Reaver, meanwhile turns on Barg and attacks with his battle axe and wounds him. He then immediately turns to charge Brogg again but the wolf rips out the tendons in his back legs. As it goes down it lashes out one last time with it’s battle axe against Bardryn’s companion, but misses.

Keena then tries a warning shot to finish of the fleeing “judge” and hits wounding it critically. He is barely standing now.

The other Orc Archer now, seeing a fellow archer nearby turns his attention on Keena. He fires of a shot hitting her so hard she stumbles backwards.

Sir Wil now attempts another Strike of hope on the Reaver near him, missing badly.

Kyrr follows up with a blast of energy from her scepter and finishes him off. In it’s dying breath it lashes out one last time at Sir Wil with it’s Axe but misses.

Bardryn’s wolf companion now works to flank the ogre and attacks at it’s heel finding it’s mark with a bite of his fangs.

Bardryn follows up with a healing word for his companion and then charges forward with a Tending strike on the Ogre.

Carra uses an action point and a second Wind and then attacks the Ogre with a great smash of her axe.

Brogg does a similar action and then charges the archer causing him so much trouble and just manages to hit with his charge attack.

The Ogre, still focused on Carra, strikes down angrily on her with all it’s might and wounds her gravely (CRIT).

The “Judge” attempts another lightning attack, this time on Bardryn and hits, wounding him and Carra.
He then attempts to make a run for it, but runs into the spot right where Keena was aiming and is brought down with a shot from her bow.

Dwyn makes a charge on the archer nearest him managing to get his short sword through it’s thick green skin, drawing blood.

The archer attacked by Brogg attempts to shift back 1 space and plug Brogg with another devestrating shot from his longbow, but this time Brogg is able to deflect it with his readied shield.

Keena now moves towards the archer that Dwyn attacked, declares the archer her quarry and takes careful aim, and hits, bloodieing the creature.

It then shifts back one space and fires a longbow shot at it’s nearest enemy, Dwyn, and hits, knocking the little hafling backwards.

Sir Wil now runs in to help on the Ogre, with long sword glowing with holy light, he strikes down on the beast. He bloodies the beast and it looks dazed.

Kyrr, now moves into position against the archer that Brogg is working against. He opens his tome of Readiness and casts forth Leaden transformation on the archer but is unable to cause any effect to the creature.

Barg now attempts again a nip at the Ogre’s heel and sucessfully wounds the beast.

Baradryn tries a Tending strike against the beast but can’t penetrate the Ogre’s thick skin.
However, he does get off a second healing word to help his quickly flailing ally Carra.

Carra quickly follows that up with her Minor ressurgence power and then attacks the Ogre with another powerful strike, wounding it to within inches of it’s life.

Brogg, meanwhile, is able to pin the orc archer against the back cavern wall and strikes it with his warhammer. CRITICAL! It is badly bloodied.

The Ogre, furious in anger now again angrily tries to crush Carra into the ground. Hitting with the club , and bringing her again towards the brink of death.

Dwyn moves in with his Fleeting strike on the cornered archer but it dodges out of the way.

The other archer, with nowhere to go, drops its bow and pulls out a hand axe that it had hanging on it’s belt and attempts to hit Brogg with it but it is not nearly as deft with it as the longbow and Brogg easily deflects the blow. Knowing it’s end is near if it can’t get away it makes a mad dash to get away from Brogg, but Brogg, very skilled with his hammer is able to catch it as it attempts to flee, bringing it down, it’s feeble dying attack is ineffective.

Keena, meanwhile hopes to bring down the other archer with her thunderstruck boar strike. One arrow strikes true, but the other misses. Being her quarry, however, the orc still takes heavy damage but it remains on its feet.

It too, drops its bow now and strikes at Dwyn with a hand axe, but misses. It tries to run away, but takes a stab from Dwyn’s short sword as it makes it’s escape, and he wounds it, as it still manages to escape and make it’s way to the other passage out of this cavern.

Sir Wil, again calls on the gods to bestow power on his longsword strike and attackes the ogre with a slashing blow and with a deft strike to the creatures exposed throat brings the beast down with a crash.

Kyrr sees the lone remaining orc trying to slink away down the exiting passage and easily dispatches it with the uneering arcane magic missle from his scepter.



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