Trial of the Seven

Cave Lurker

From out of the water in front of them the characters see a flurry of tentacles shooting out towards them. One manages to grab Sir Wil, and another Dwyn, while Baradryn’s wolf companion and Carra manage to dodge out of the way.

Baradryn jumps to the defense of his companion and summons his wolf to assist him. Both wade into the shallows of the lake and draw blood from the slimy creature.

One of the colony swarms near the Sovereign steps up and hurls it’s devouring spores at the nearest enemy it can see, which happens to be Sir Wil. Luckily he was able to resist the poisonous spores effect.

Keena lays her quarry on the Belubba and takes careful aim and lets loose an arrow from her for-seeking longbow. HIT! It sinks deep into the creature’s skin, blood spurting from it’s open wound (it’s bloody!).

Baradryn’s wolf attempts to chomp down again on a flailing tentacle but it squirms away.

Asha uses her icy rays spell on the Belubba but misses.

Karlak, roaring in fury, charges at the menacing guard myconoid near Sir Wil. He slams his great Axe into the guard and follows with a Thunderous roar. Three floating spores near the myconoids pop sending forth a green gas, poisoning the great Minotaur and healing it’s allies.

The other colony swarm steps up and casts out it’s spores at Karlak, but like Sir Wil before him he shakes off it’s effects.

Brogg, seeing that the ranged strikers have things well in hand with the creature in the water, charges up to aid Karlak and with a hard slam of his flaming hammer smashes the Myconoid on it’s head.

A Myconoid Rotslammer shambles up from behind the guard and open’s it’s mouth to let forth a cloud of dark green gas. Brogg and Sir manage to close their eyes and mouths in time but Karlak was caught unprepared and breathes in the poisonous gas from the creature, coughing violently and feeling ill.

The guard standing near the Rotslammer follows up with a gas attack of it’s own, pacifying both Brogg and Karlak.

Carra now charges up and attacks the Rotslamer with a swing of her greatsword. And just manages to pierce it’s flesh stalk with a hit.

Sir Wil manages to break free of the Beluba’s grasp and move up alongside Karlak in the shallow water to attack the Myconoid guard, but misses. He is able to also use his daily, restore Vitality, on Karlak and he manages to save out of his poison and heal somewhat.

Another rot slammer moves up and uses it’s rotting burst on Sir Wil, Karlak and Brogg. And manages to poison Sir Wil and re-poison Karlak again. Sir Wil is bloodied.

Dwyn now easily squirms out of the grasp of the tentacle grabbing him and he quickly whips out his sling and fires a shot at the creature and hit is square on the mouth. It roars in fury!

It now lashes back out with two tentacles, grabbing at Dwyn and Asha and wrapping it’s strong apprendages around both.

Baradryn now strikes out with her Tending Strike at the creature, and hits, wounding the creature and granting a small boon to Dwyn.

The colony swarm now takes a shot at Sir Wil, wounding him gravely and also affecting both Karlak and Baradryn’s wolf nearby.

Keena meanwhile lets loose another aimed shot at her quarry and hits bringing it to within an inch of it’s life.

Baradryn’s wolf companion follows up with an attack and crits! Killing the Belubba and freeing his trapped companions.

Asha now attempts to attack with her Force orb encounter power and hits one of the Myconoid guards. Other nearby enemies also are struck by the scattering force as the force orb shatters on contact.

One of the rotslammers moves up now to Sir wil and uses it’s rotting burst power to hit Sir Wil.

Karlak, still coughing from the poison in his veins, shifts back a space to try and recover.

One of the colony swarms shoots it’s devouring spours and hits Brogg square in the face with it, the cloud also spreads to hit Carra and Karlak.
Brogg, unable to take a standard action because he’s pacified, uses his encounter power, glowering threat to keep all the targets on him.

The first Rotslammer tries to do just that and attack Brogg, but misses.

The closest guard also tries to hit Brogg with it’s spiny arms and does, bloodieing him.

Carra now shouts forth an inspiring word as she see’s Brogg faltering and then attacks the Rotslammer. In front of her, bloodieing it in one blow.

Meanwhile, Sir wil drops in the shallow water he stands as the poison finds it’s way to his heart.

One of the other Rotslammers now attempts to move up and attack Brogg but misses with its slam attack.

Dwyn now uses his Fleeting strike to try and hide in the shadows and attack from stealth. The Rotslammer is not fooled but still takes a sling stone hard to it’s head.

Bardryn moves up and casts his healing word on Sir Wil to bring him back into the fight and then attacks the rotslammer nearby with his Life blood harvest daily. CRIT! It is badly bloodied and Sir Wil is healed further.

One of the colony swarms fling it’s spores now at Brogg. And hits (for max dmg. :( ). Nearby Carra and Karlak also feel the effects of the spores.

Keena now fires her Thunderstruck Boarstrike shot at the closes Rotslammer across the lake, declaring the creature her new quarry. She hits with one of her shots but misses with the other.

Baradryn’s wolf companion moves back now to protect those at range.

Asha now casts her Arc Lightning hitting the wounded Rotslammer and nearly dropping it. It’s clining to it’s life.

The other rotslammer, unable to reach Brogg attempts to attack the prone Sir Wil but misses.

Karlak strikes at the wounded Rotslammer now with his greatsword and chunks of mushroom fly everywhere. He now moves back into the fray.

The Colony swarm, seeing the minotaur moving back into the fray uses it’s devouring spores on him but misses.

Brogg now strikes out at the closest rotslammer and hits it hard, wounding it.

It fights back with it’s rotting burst cloud and poisons Karlak again. Karlak teeters but manages to stay up and then somehow manages to dodge a follow up strike by the nearby myconoid guard!

Carra follows up with a savage blow from her greatsword, wounding the Rotslammer (and the guard through it’s roots of the colony ability to share damage. I’ve been doing this now since I remembered.)

Sir Wil now gets back up and attacks the nearby rotslammer with his longsword. One of the spores behind the rotslammer pops, healing all the nearby myconoids and hurts Baradryn and Sir Wil with it’s poison.

Dwyn takes a shot with his sling at the injured rotslammer from hiding and injures it, but it shares it’s pain with the myconoid guard next to it.

Baradryn now uses his healing word on Karlak and then fires off a shot with his sling at the wounded rotslammer, hitting it and wounding it.

One of the colony swarms fires off it’s devouring spores and strikes Karlak, affecting all his allies nearby.

Keena meanwhile takes careful aim and her arrow finds it’s target, here quarry, wounding it but also popping the spore that recently moved up behind him which again bursts to do poison damage and heal nearby allies, but all the companions manage to resist the effects.

Asha now again casts her arc lighting and wounds the nearest rotslammer.

It then attempts to slam Sir Wil but cannot penetrate his defenses.

Karlak now enters his Vengeful storm rage!!! He Crits the Rotslammer and misses the nearby guard who still drops when the rotslammer share’s it’s damage with the creature. Then the other Rotslammer gets hit and also shares it’s damage but with the spore! It bursts, healing nearby allies and wounding Karlak and Carra with it’s poison. Karlak spends an action point to use his 2nd wind.

The colony swarm, however, stay focuses on the large Barbarian and fires off it’s devouring spores, missing.

Brogg smashes down on the Rotslammer still clinging to life and with a heroic strike manages to hit it but it manages to cling to life by sharing it’s damage with the nearby guard.

Still alive it now attacks back with it’s fungal slam. It hits and Brogg is now suffering from poison coursing through his veins.

Carra strikes back in revenge and with a heroic effort finally brings the rotslammer down to the gound.
She moves up on the guard now.

Sir Wil attempts to strike at the Rotslammer near him but misses.

Dwyn then attempts to setup the rotslammer with a prepatory strike but also misses.

The Myconoid guard strikes at Carra who just moved closed to it but she easily dodges it’s pitiful slam attack.

Bardryn moves ahead of the wounded Minotaur and attacks the rotslammer with his tending strike and hits, and while it shares it’s damage with the nearby healthy guard, it bestowed a boon to Brogg.

Meanwhile, the colony swarmer, seeing a new enemy approaching fires off it’s spores at Baradryn and hits, wounding him and all those around him.

Now Keena aims carefully and fires again at the rotslammer. And hits, wounding it.

Baradryn’s wolf, seeing his master attacked, moves up to attack the guard and bites down into it’s mushroom flesh.

Asha follows up with an Arc lighting attack that hits both the rotslammer and crits the guard bloodieing it.

The rotslammer now turns it’s attentions to Baradryn and attacks. A miss!

Karlak, in his great rage, lightning flying from his raised greatsword lands a devastatin strike on the rotslammer, finally removing the rotslammer from the battle and is finally able to shake off the poison he’s been suffering from.

One of the colony swarmers lands it’s spores on Baradryn which burst and wound all 5 of his companions.

Brogg coughs, grabs his throat and drops.

Carra strikes now at the guard near her and cuts it clean and half, she advances on the colony swarm and the sovereign leader.

Sir Wil, gets up his nerve, gets his 2nd wind, and charges to assist Carra.

Dwyn moves up and knocks the nearest colony swarm with a shot from his sling.

The Sovereign, seeing it’s life in danger, puts out a cloud of spores which strike Sir Wil. It then moves further back into it’s alcove.

Baradryn casts his healing word to bring Brogg back and then moves up to assist the two warriors, and then CRITS the nearest colony swarmer with his tending strike, granting a boon to Sir Wil.

The colony swarmer’s poison aura hurts the 3 heroe’s near it and then it turns on Baradryn but misses with it’s slams.

Keena now runs up and launches her Skirmish attack on the nearest colony but the shot goes wide.

Baradryn’s wolf flanks the colony opposite her and attempts to eat the mushrooms but they move out of the way.

Asha meanwhile moves up and casts her arc lighting at the closest colony swarm and bloodies it.

Karlak charges and uses his Rage Strike on the colony swarm. It explodes, leaving a thick black caustic substances on the ground.

The other colony swarm strikes back at Karlak and he falls.

Brogg stands up, pulls out his crossbow and fires at the other colony swarm. CRIT!

Carra, standing in the caustic tar takes damage and then moves ahead to attack and slams her sword down on the swarm of mushrooms damaging many of them. She then uses her minor ressurgence ability.

Sir Wil starts the turn burning in the liquid, he moves ahead to try and manages to drag the unconcious minotaur out of the caustic goo and safe on the other side, spending his action point to do so (since he was dazed).

Dwyn fires off his sling with his deft strike on the colony swarm and hits.

The Sovereign uses it’s commanding spores to slid the colony towards it.

Baradryn moves back in and strikes the swarm with his tending strike and grants Sir Wil a boon.

Keena makes the swarm her quarry, takes careful aim and fires at the swarm. It explodes in another blast of tar like goo.

Baradryn’s wolf companion takes damage on it’s paws on dashes back towards safety.

Asha fires off her arc lightning and hits the Sovereign, but the nearby spore bursts and gives it new life. It also wounds Baradryn.

Karlak, unconcious, is burned by the new zone of acidic and then fails his death save.

Brogg takes a shot at the Sovereign with his crossbow but misses.

Carra charges ahead and strikes with her greatsword but misses.

Sir Wil manages to pull Karlak back out of the sticky substance and then manages to stabalize him.

Dwyn uses his Second Wind to heal up.

The Sovereign uses its Spore burst but neither Baradryn or Carra are affected.

Using her Dwarven resilience to get her second wind, Baradryn moves in to attack but misses.

Keena sets the Sovereign as her quarry and fires her careful attack. Hit!

Asha misses with her arc lightning attack.

Brogg uses his second wind to get some of his health back.

Carra makes up for her earlier miss with a CRIT on the Sovereign, bloodieing it.

Dwyn dashes in with an attempted Torturous strike on the Sovereign. (CRITICAL MISS!)

The Sovereign turns on Carra and slams her hard wounding her.
Baradryn misses with a Tending strike.

Meanwhile Keena Crits with her attack and nearly brings the Sovereign down.

Asha follows up the attack with her Arc Lightning and the Sovereign crumbles in a smoking mound.

After the caustic substance finally dissapates and everyone gets a short rest they explore the remained of the cavern. They find a skeleton of a dwarf near where the Sovereign was. On it they find…
320gp, a ring and bracelet worth 250gp each, and a belt of Sacrifice.

DM NOTES: This was one of the best encounters yet. Lots of diferent things going on. Good synergy with the creatures. The characters didn’t just breeze through it. It was a real challenge with characters going down a few times. The spores healing the allies, the AOE attacks of the enemies, the ranged attackers protected for a while to get off lots of attacks, and even at the end when they sacrificed themselves to create the zone with ongoing damage. All and all a satisfying encounter. The Belubba creature I created needs some work, but that was exepcted.



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