Trial of the Seven

Cage Fighters

After saying their goodbyes to their fallen comrade, the party moves out of the room to the left passage just outside the room. The round a corner and enter a well lit cavern, illuminated by a large bonfire in the center of the cavern. Towards the back of the cavern are a number of cages, most of which are empty but two contain what appears to be a minotaur and some celestial being. Against the left and right wall of the cavern are two life-like orc statues, and surrounding the campfire is a large contingent of orcs. Almost directly in front of where the party enters from the cavern passage is what appears to be the orc chieftain, and standing beside him some sort of Orc Shaman. The chieftain who heard the party tramping down the passage immediately laughs and points at the party, “More challenger’s for the Pit! Take them alive!” The orcs attack.

Carra charges forth and with a powerful strike of her Great axe cuts deep into the orc shaman.

The orc Chieftan dashes over to the closest statue and pulls a medallion from around his neck and inserts it into the statue. With a turn the statue begins to shudder to life…
Spending his action point he starts to dash across to the other side of the cavern.

Carra hear’s a shout from behind her. “Stop him! He’s bringing the guardian’s to life! Free me and I shall rip him to pieces!” Turning her head she see’s the burning eyes of the Minotaur from behind his bars shaking the bars violently. Off to the right she sees the captured winged man nod in agreement. She turns back towards the group and shouts, “There are prisoner’s here who offer their aid. We must free them!” before turning back to her foe before her.

“Got it!” shouts back Dwyn, running past Brogg and Sir Wil towards the nearest cage. As he gets close he notices an orc standing nearby at the last moment and dodges to the right. Spending an action point he pulls out his thieves tools and attempts to undo the lock of the winged man. A click and the release of the spring lets him know he was sucessful and the lock falls off, freeing the winged man from his cage.

In a calm, female sounding voice the winged creature addresses Dwyn, “I am Asha, a high mage of the Deva. Bring me an implement and I shall lay waste to these, our enemies!” Over his shoulder Dwyn shouts to Sir Wil who he knows carries the staff of the fallen Kyrr, “Sir Knight. We need that mage staff pronto!”

One of the nearest Orc savages, charges forth to block the entrance of the heavily armored warriors. He swings at the Brogg who deflects the blow with his shield.

Brogg, in turn, swings wildly at the savage with his flaming warhammer and misses (Natural 1!)

One of the Orc Drudges, standing near the fire, slinks around to the hafling rogue and strikes with his club. Dwyn lets out a little yelp and turns to face his new enemy.

Seeing his friend in trouble, Baradryn sends forth her wolf to aid the rogue. As the wolf runs by the orc savage takes a swing with his axe and wounds the animal. The wolf charges on and strikes the drudge attacking the rogue from behind, ripping it’s throat out.

The Orc Darkblade, that Dwyn earlier dodged now strikes true with it’s dripping falchion, striking the rogue with a vicious slash of it’s poisoned blade.

The shaman now acts, turning on Carra and tries to push her back with a blow of it’s spear but cannot pierce her armor. It shifts back a space towards the campfire.

One of the orc savages charges to help block the shaman’s escape but he too cannot penetrate the plate armor of the warrior.

Keena now charges forward with her bow and uses her daily power – Split the Tree. She strikes the shaman and the Darkblade attacking her rogue friend and the arrows bury deep into orc flesh!

One of the orc savages, who had been lingering in the back of the cavern moves forward to attack Dwyn and hits!

Sir Wil now charges ahead with his longsword raised and attacks the Orc Savage on the Rogue and bloodies the creature. As a minor action he slips the staff between the bars to the outstretched hands of the deva and then spends an action point to use his daily power Restore Vitality which enables Dwyn to save out of his poison and then heal for the Paladin’s healing surge value.

Baradryn attempts to take revenge on the Orc Savage that hurt his pet with a strike of his tending strike, bringing the savage down and the moving into the room to take on more of the beasts!

One of the orc savages closes in on Baradryn’s wolf, but trips on the rock by the fire and nearly falls over on it’s way to reach it.

The last Orc savage attempts to come in on Dwyn from behind and comes down hard with a strike of his hand axe on the hapless hafling.

One of the remaining drudges attempts to strike the dwarf druid but misses.

The other drudge, however connects with a strike of it’s club.

The darkblade who had previously hidden in the exiting passage now sneaks forward and strikes at Baradryn with it’s poisoned falchion and hits!

Carra, in an attempt to make it to the shaman, strikes at the savage in front of her and brings it down with a crash of her bladed axe.

She moves in on the shaman and takes a strike from the nearby savage who can’t penetrate the warrior’s heavy plated armor.

The Chieftan then moves to the other statue and again inserts the medallion to activate the statue. He laughs, “You all dead now!”

The other statue now shudder’s to life and pulling a creaky bow from it’s shoulder takes aim at Carra but the shot goes wide.

Dwyn turns on the savage blocking the Deva’s cage and brings it down with a stab of his short sword.
He then shifts away from the Orc Darkblade behind him.

Brogg now charges into the cave and attacks the darkblade on Baradryn and with a heroic effort brings down the hammer to the back of the darkblade.

Baradryn’s wolf companion, seeing his master surrounded dashes away to engage one of the attacking orcs. A nearby savage takes a strike and misses as the wolf charges the drudge near it’s master and brings it down. Baradryn smiles at her wolf companion’s safe return to her.

The Orc darkblade near Dwyn sneaks forward to attack, bloodieing the hafling while healing it’s own wounds.

She shaman, also regenerates, and strikes again at Carra with it’s spear but again can’t penetrate her strong armor. She shifts away.

Asha, now freed from her cage and a staff in her hands, slams the staff down and sends forth a thunderwave at the darkblade and nearest two savages, killing a savage and pushing the darkblade into the fire where it screams in pain as it catches fire.
Asha then moves to assist her fellow prisoner but is unable to break the lock.

Keena moves further up into the cavern and casts her Hunter’s quarry on the nearby darkblade and lets loose her Thunderstruck boar strike, striking the darkblade hard. It stumbles back into the fire beside it’s brethren.

Sir Wil now engages the now living statue nearby and hits, but it shifts away, taking more damage from Sir Wil but firing back with it’s bow and connects.

Baradryn turns on the nearby drudge and strikes with her Tending Strike and brings it down.

The last remaining orc savage now turns on Carra and strikes but misses.

One of the flaming orc darkblade’s step’s out of the flames and strikes at Baradryn’s wolf but the wolf nimbly dodges the attack. Nonetheless the orc’s wounds start to heal.

Carra turns and strikes at the last remaining orc savage and brings it down. She moves into position to take on the darkblade.

The orc chieftan, completing the activation of his guardian’s and seeing his prisoner’s escaping charges in at the winged Deva and wounds her with his greataxe. The savage chieftan blocks the cage of his minotaur captive.

The initially activated statue makes another strike at Carra but misses.

Dwyn dashes up to strike at the orc darkblade in the fire with his Riposte strike but misses.
Brogg circles around the fire and comes in on the other side of the cheiftan attacking with his flame hammer and with a powerful strike of his hammer pushes him back. Spending an action point he then attempts to smash the lock with his hammer but is unsucessful.

Baradryn’s wolf attempt to attack the closest Darkblade but misses.

The other statue shudder’s to life and fires off 3 arrows at Brogg, Asha and Carra hitting all 3 sucessfully.

One of the darkblade’s shifts and attacks Dwyn with it’s poisoned falchion (CRIT!)

The shaman again attacks Carra with a strike from it’s spear, missing but shifting back.

Asha shifts back from the drooling Chieftan before casting Horrid Whispers on the shaman, hitting the darkblade and chieftan as well.

Keena now takes a shot at her quarry but misses. Spending an action point she moves into the room and tries again but misses once again.

Sir Wil again moves in on the statue and attack with his longsword (CRIT!) The statue again shifts back and fires back at Sir Wil taking damage in the process and again hits the Paladin.

Baradryn shift’s to flank the darkblade and uses his Combined attack power. He hits but his companion misses. The Darkblade is on it’s last leg.

The other darkblade shifts out of the fire and attacks Carra hitting her finally and dripping it’s poison into her wound.

Carra strikes back with her great axe and hits damaging it badly but it slips away and pushes the prone chieftain in front of Carra with a backwards kick of it’s boot.

The chieftan stands up and strikes now at the enemy in front of him who he is surprised to see is not the one before him before but because of the psychic horrors going through his mind is distracted enough to not make a good strike against her and misses.

The original statue now copies it’s partner’s examples and takes 3 shots at it’s closest enemies, Sir Wil, Baradryn and Baradryn’s wolf companion and injures all 3, Baradryn’s wolf companion now clinging to life.

Dwyn feeling poison coursing through his veins turns on the nearby darkblade and strikes. The darkblade goes down, but not before it gets one last strike at Dwyn who nearly falls but spends an action point to use his second wind.

Brogg moves in and attacks the prone shaman and strikes it with his flaming hammer.

Baradryn’s wolf companion slinks behind it’s master.

The other statue now opens up again with another hail of arrows at Brogg, Carra and Dwyn. This time it misses Brogg but hits the other two, bloodieing Carra and nearly bringing Dwyn to death yet again.
The shaman stands and pokes Brogg with it’s spear and it pierces his armor pushing him back towards the cage of the raging minotaur.

Asha now casts a summoning spell and a large icy hand appears near the chieftan and attempts to grab him. It unfortunately misses. As a minor action Asha sustains the hand and then moves away from her enemies.

Keena moves her speed, and puts her hunter’s quarry on the 2nd activated statue before firing off her skirmish shot and sinking it deep into the statue.

Sir Wil charges the archer statue and JUST misses.

Baradryn comes in to flank the guardian statue and strikes with his tending strike. Hit! The statue begins to falter. Baradryn then follows up with a healing word for his companion.

The remaining darkblade turns on Brogg and strikes. The strike hits and his poison sinks into Brogg’s skin. Brogg is now bloodied.

Carra now shifts and attacks the darkblade (CRIT!). The darkblade goes down in a heap.

The orc chieftan strikes back on Carra but misses.

The first activated statue attempts it’s hail of arrows on Baradryn’s wolf companion, Carra and Dwyn but first takes attacks from Baradryn an Sir Wil. Both miss. But the statue hits all 3 of his targets, and Dwyn goes down.

On his turn Dwyn makes his death save.

Brogg now shifts and makes an attack with his flaming warhammer on the shaman (CRIT!). The shaman is pummeled by the flamming warhammer and staggers back into the fire pit.

Baradryn’s wolf companion, though badly wounded, strikes at the nearby archer statue but misses.

The other statue does it’s hail of arrows on Brogg, Carra, and Keena. It sinks an arrow deep into Brogg’s backside but cannot penetrate the armor of Carra. The arrow on Keena shoots wide.

The shaman, burning in the fire goes down, but now before it makes one last stab with it’s spear… and brings Brogg down with it.

Asha now commands her icy hand to again attack the Chieftan. This time a hit! The chieftan is crushed by the grip of the hand and held in place.

Keena takes aim at the lock on the Minotaur’s cage… Chink! The lock snaps off the Minotaur’s cage. He’s free!
Spending an action point she takes another shot, this time on the archer statue. Another hit and the statue is.. bloodied!

Sir Wil uses his strike of hope against the archer statue but his hope is futile and he misses.

Baradryn now uses his daily power, Life blood harvest, bringing down the nearest archer statue and bringing Dwyn back from near death! She then moves towards Brogg and with a chant of her healing word brings him back also.

Carra strikes at the grabbed chieftan and hits, injuring him.

The chieftan burts free from the hand grabbing him and strikes back but misses.

Dwyn now stands up and shifts away, shooting his sling at the chieftan and hits. He then slips into the shadows somewhere at the edge of the cave.

Brogg stands up and hits the Chieftan from behind.

Baradryn’s Wolf companion attacks the archer but misses. The archer statue shifts away and sinks deep into the wolf’s chest and it goes down with a yelp. Baradryn shouts out, “NO!!!”

The archer, alerted to the druid’s cries, fires at the druid, Keena and brogg. It hit’s the druid and the ranger but goes wide of the warrior.

Asha attemps another attack on the Chieftan with the hand but misses.

Keena sinks an arrow into the statue and nearly brings it down.

Sir wil moves in on the Chieftan now and strikes with a glowing longsword (CRIT!).

Baradryn, enraged that the archer statue brought down his companion, chargets the archer creature and attacks with her Tending strike. The Statue lashes out with it’s sword at the last second before it bursts into dust and slightly wounds Baradrn. Barardryn kneels by her companion’s side and mumble’s a few words and the wolf’s eyes open.

Karlak, the minotaur, dashes out of it’s cage while snapping his finger’s, armor suddenly covering his body. He runs to the weapon’s rack where he had his eye on his great sword and grabs it. With a roar he then charges the chieftan and sinks his sword into the chieftan.

Carra follows up with a powerful attack of her own (CRIT!), bloodieing the chieftan.

The chieftan follows up with an attack of it’s own against Carra and crushes her with an attack of his attack. She is bloodied. Some of his wounds begin to close up and he is no longer bloodied.

Dwyn moves into action, stepping out of the shadows he fires off a shot of his sling and wounds the Chieftan.

Brogg brings his hammer down on the Chieftan and wounds him.

Asha tries an attack with her arc lightning. She also tries again to grab the Chieftan with her icy hand.

Keesha now sets her quarry on the Chieftan and fires of her shot. Hit! She uses an action point and tries another. Hit again.

Sir Wil makes a strike with his longsword and misses. With an action point and a heroic effort his 2nd attack hits with holy smiting, dazing the chieftan.

Baradryn now slips in and attacks with his tending strike. The first one misses, but an action point and another strike later and Sir Wil has temporary hit points! :)

Karlak the barbarian minotaur finally gets some revenge on his orc chieftan captor. A desvastating strike with his greatsword nearly splits the chieftan in two. An with an action point and another devastating strike later brings him down!

Searching the area Karlak and Asha find the gear that had been stripped from them and they also find an additional 170gp, a Sapphire (100gp) and a jeweled chalice (250gp).



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